Much-talked-about practice game

From 3-week intensive training and meal improvement to Tai chi chuan that adopts training for days, and can participate in daily life from total practice game to lead to body bringing vigor freely relaxedly outdoors, we introduce various practice game-style.

TOTAL Workout

Fitness gym

Personal fitness gym which Kevin Yamazaki that professional athlete collects wide support in business executive and the entertainment world from the start presides over


Bike exercise

The nation's first specialized studio of Bike exercise proud of from N.Y., explosive popularity to

Studio R

Dance school

Dance studio for adult. We become how old and are after, and it is said that social dancing that you can begin is very good for health and beauty, diet. "Dance studio for adult" which can enjoy the world casually smartly that of social dancing that is hard to enter very much is studio R.

Tai chi chuan

Mind and body are healthy by movement quiet slowly together. Tai chi chuan that colonized as summer feature of 14 times of Roppongi Hills in the past.

It is held for six days on Sunday on Sunday, Saturday, August 5, 6th for Saturday, 30 days for Sunday, 29 days for Saturday, July 22, 23 days for 2,017 years.