The beauty and health from meal

We introduce Vee cancer, gluten-free, restaurant presenting menu for athletes or Custom Chopped Salad Restaurant, classic cold press juice.

ELLE café


Healthy cafe which suggests meal for both heart and body to shine more beautifully more healthfully.

3 D juice program [kurenzu] 27,432 yen (tax-included)

1 D juice program [beauty] 9,504 yen (tax-included) others

Cold press juice which effects such as aging care or detox can expect. We offer various juice programs.


Custom Chopped Salad Restaurant

Custom Chopped Salad Restaurant to offer with one one handicraft.

Cal Mecs 1,260 yen (tax-included)

Lome in lettuce, spinach, grilled chicken, avocado, tomato, red onion, homemade crouton, Mexican honey vinaigrette and most popular salad which a feeling of fullness can realize though it is healthy.


Healthy Food Deli & Cafe

Cafe which can eat high protein with protein intake necessary to change body as main Concepts, low fat low saccharide menu casually deliciously.

Taste and high nutrition offer original menu using spar foods which were particular about becoming a lot to consume protein as meal ideally, and to put.

Mr.FARMER Roppongi

Vegetable Café

"The beauty and health Vegetable Café which featured the theme of from meal."

Vee cancer vegetable green curry 1,890 yen (tax-included) of quinoa and brown rice

ARATA menu which was devised on Roppongi shop opening. It is green curry that texture of quinoa to brown rice is fun.