Way of enjoying bars

Introduction of bar that there are various ways of enjoying when it is feeling to participate in party when we want to spend unhurried quiet Hours.

The Oak Door Bar

Bar in cocktail which is abundant in atmosphere that is international among glass wine cellar and Grand Hyatt Tokyo which wine can enjoy.

Kenzo estate winery

Shop of winery attracting attention in Napa where space filled with upper feel of a material and open feeling to be able to enjoy Japanese and Western mariaju is comfortable. The purchase of wine is possible on the spot, too.


Bar which took long counter of 10 meters, rare vodka and gin, the highest sound system that up bottle bar which bottles of abundant kind lined was impressive and elegant space.

B bar Roppongi

Baccarat direct management bar of "baccarat shops Roppongi" who can enjoy drink served a ball by glass of various baccarat, meal and cigar selected carefully juxtaposition.


Other than various cocktail including Mojito of signature cocktail and rare whiskey as for dishes and the dessert. Chic jazz lounge for adult in Grand Hyatt Tokyo.