Casual Men's fashion brands assemble in full force in Roppongi Hills yes.
We cannot miss limited item which is available only here.

We wear dignity of adult in good-quality riders

Single riders who rebuilt A-2 flight jacket are Roppongi Hills limited sale. Good-quality special dish using deerskin for meat from New Zealand. Wear in lengthwise silhouette with underwear of on the small side; and in the step lightly.

Single riders 345,600 yen Roppongi Hills-limited,
Cut-and-sew 20,520 yen, underwear 34,560 yen, shoes 27,000 yen
[all unopiuunouguaretore 03-6721-1381/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

Dartin Bonaparto
Called casual clothes which was exhaustively particular about is gorgeous

Using leather baby calf of the highest grade, peep T-shirt which spangles embroidery of icon character, MICK glitters in leatherette jacket of extreme popularity that realized ultimate thinness. Luxury of adult who was particular about material and detail.

Leatherette jacket 518,400 yen order sale, T-shirt 17,280 yen,
Underwear 45,360 yen, sneakers 79,920 yen
[all dull tongue Bonaparte 03-6455-5469/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

B'2nd roppongi
Street-style for evolution that is Luc's

It is casual in trendy sporty ha, good-quality material in this season. Decide step with product made in Italy handmade sneakers of chic Roppongi Hills-limited color. Parker made with leather makes husband of adult; item.

Leather parka \174,960/ burattovitchi,
Underwear 24,840 yen / sorido, sneakers 39,960 yen Roppongi Hills-limited / Atlantic Stars
[all B second Roppongi 03-6434-0314/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

Starman by R&Co.
Room that slips on long jacket

Roppongi Hills-limited item that it was to slight wound material which was easy to wear long jacket of popular basic line of the viridian in spring and summer. Haori is digested on the T-shirt, and enjoy coordinates with feeling.

It is the viridian, T-shirt \43,200/ kaviare together jacket 45,360 yen Roppongi Hills-limited, underwear \38,880/
[all star man by are & Coe 03-6434-9557/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

We are dressed in pattern setup boldly

Roppongi Hills-limited sleeveless parka that tropical pattern brings on resort feeling and underwear of the handle by setup. We only match with T-shirt and indicate high fashion sensitivity.

Parka 41,040 yen Roppongi Hills-limited, cut-and-sew 18,360 yen,
All underwear \35,640/ Kazuyuki Kumagai
[all ATTACHMENT 03-6434-0217/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

Black to indulge in the relaxation mood

Roppongi Hills-limited, open collar shirt of cotton ten cell with soft feel and feeling of luster are black of good relaxed expression for adult. You fall out with Straw Hat, and add feeling.

Shirt 18,360 yen Roppongi Hills-limited / FACTOTUM jeans,
Underwear \30,240/ FACTOTUM, hat \20,520/
FACTOTUM X mighty shine
[all FACTOTUM 03-6447-0643/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

In this season colored pattern thing and sporty taste in big trend.
In item which man of adult is easy to take in, we update styling.

Sporty Schick to select in monotone

Monotone coordinates that digital camouflage pattern of gray tone is chic. Blouson which got idea from wear of U.S. forces is the orthodox school using PERTEX SHIELD material with waterproofness, moisture permeability, water repellency, storm characteristics.

Blouson \57,240/N. Hollywood essence change of service,
Underwear \28,080/MHW mountain hardware SPECIALIZED Lee four N. Hollywood, sneakers \25,920/N. Hollywood
[all N. Hollywood 03-6455-5011/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

Basic that we hid spirit in

To stripe shirt of wash processing with atmosphere that garnished the chest with collection Concepts of this season, fall out with sandals; feeling. We heap up feeling that is guruvi where print of keyboard was hidden in.

Shirt 28,080 yen, underwear 34,560 yen, sandals 36,720 yen
[all UNDERCOVER 03-5410-1230/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

It is artistic in pattern X pattern

To gingham pattern shirt which stars were inlaid with, it is shorts with paint trace, leather sneaker of snake pattern. We enjoy in combination a certain quirk item that let twist work for basic item each freely.

Shirt 27,000 yen, shorts 29,160 yen, sunglasses 31,320 yen,
Necklace 12,960 yen, all sneakers \31,320/ uniform ekusuperimento
[all SOPH. 03-6804-3720/ WEST WALK 4F]

The store details are this

Setup that it is digested, and there is feeling

It is easy to take in pattern shirt of calm coloring for styling while being individual. With the mood that matches setup with a feeling of easy wrinkle, and is try Baru for daily life coolly.

It is Mende four UNITED ARROWS, shirt \34,560/ banana thyme together jacket 50,760 yen, underwear \28,080/
[all UNITED ARROWS Roppongi 03-5772-5501/ WEST WALK 2F, 3F]

The store details are this

Sporty Urban style

Parka blouson which rebuilt functionality of militaryware in imitation of camouflage pattern. Feel of a material that is refined, and is mat that does not become too much casual. We match underwear which we did with dust daringly and are urbane.

Blouson \75,060/C.P. Company, cut-and-sew \9,720/
ESTNATION, underwear \19,440/
Seller door, sneakers \38,880/ filling peace
[all ESTNATION 03-5159-7800/ HILL SIDE 1F, 2F]

The store details are this

The finest subject matter to feel Crafts Manship

True luxury that only adult can taste T-shirt of 100% of cashmere. Underwear and sneakers that craftsmanship of Italy shines to the leading role patronize T-shirt of design which worked of wit in all white.

T-shirt \41,040/ kashiyaju, underwear \35,640/
Care label, sneakers 52,920 yen / Philip model
[all RAWLIFE 03-3408-9661/ HILL SIDE 1F]

The store details are this

Silhouette which improves trendy feeling in friend

Nine minutes length that ankle looks in trendy a bit big tuck underwear with pleats. It is easy to wear by West shirring and we hang to hem and draw beautiful line. Put on shirt of tile camouflage like jacket.

Shirt 35,640 yen, T-shirt 10,260 yen, sneakers \29,160/
All design work, underwear 36,720 yen Roppongi Hills precedence / bigano
[all design work do coat 03-5786-9831/ WEST WALK 3F]

The store details are this


It is modern and sublimates in club-style for '90s

2017SS Men's collection that club kids of the 90s were reborn in Luc's. Blouson that eyelet is impressive with black denim in a mass coolly for accent.

Blouson 149,040 yen, T-shirt 31,320 yen,
Denim underwear 37,800 yen, all sneakers \37,800/ Kenzo
[Kenzo events store 03-3470-3002/ WEST WALK 2F]

The store details are this

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New shops of this spring opening

Much-talked-about shops joins WEST WALK 4F Men's zone newly.
It keeps wide lineup to satisfy lifestyle of man of adult.

[Men's fashion]
New Concepts shops of R&Co.

4/27 [THU] Open plan!
High-end coffee from NY Brooklyn

4/13 [THU] Open!
Manhattan Portage BLACK LABEL
[Men's fashion]
We were suitable for Urban-style
The label's first shop

4/13 [THU] Open!
[Books / stationery]
Advanced bookstore of information dispatch type

※Displayed price is all tax-included.