What is "MARVEL project @ Roppongi Hills?"

Large size synthesis exhibition of MARVEL becoming first in Japan started on April 7, 2017 [gold] in Roppongi Hills observatory Tokyo City View until June 25 [day]
Special project to unfold at each site in Roppongi Hills for "world of hero whom the MARVEL exhibition era created" period.
In menu in restaurant cafe for a limited time, the whole Roppongi Hills including display, photospot of size of the original figure skating,
You can enjoy view of the world of MARVEL.

Is sold out; is inevitable!
We check goods which we want to obtain by all means

We introduce special goods which were born by plan of MARVEL project @ Roppongi Hills.
There are full of unbearable items for MARVEL enthusiast.

  • Dartin Bonaparto

    Rare spangles embroidery T-shirt is mast by

    "Iron man" of spangles without difference between getting a lot of looks T-shirt. The first class goods that Japanese technique produced red spread all over black ground, super delicate spangles embroidery of gold. Luster of "iron man" just like genuine article is, and is full of reality! It is one piece to give off brightness and presence of leading role grade. ※Precedent sale product

    "Iron man" spangles embroidery T-shirt 25,920 yen
    [dull tongue Bonaparte 03-6455-5469/ WEST WALK 4F]

  • B'2nd roppongi

    "MARVEL logo" of 3D print for all scenes T-shirt

    "MARVEL logo" T-shirt is 3 D prints how. Impression that black print is chic on cloth of white background, and is modern. There is "MARVEL logo" of "Spider-Man" of colorful design T-shirt. ※Precedent sale product

    3D SPIDE 3D MARVEL 18,360 yen
    [B second Roppongi 03-6434-0314/ WEST WALK 4F]


    We protect necessities with candy Komi power

    It is smartphone case which "MARVEL logo" was put for of tone on tone, key cap, card case that ESTNATION of popular select shops works together with ojagadezain of leather brand continuing with maid in Japan, and unfold. Lineup is 2 colors of black and red each. Smartphone case is with strap, and it has utility. ※Precedent sale product

    [the left] iPhone seven cases 19,980 yen, [top right corner] card case 13,500 yen, [the lower right] key cap 6,480 yen
    [ESTNATION 03-5159-7800/ HILL SIDE 1F, 2F]


    Luxurious jacket that popular characters gathered

    Denim jacket of G Jean type that garnished the entire surface with emblem of MARVEL character. This emblem, special dish which is divided into "he rose" and "viranzu" when we see well, and is unbearable for candy Komi fan. To favorite outer spring with jacket which shut in the world of MARVEL entirely. ※Build-to-order manufacturing product

    Denim waste turner vintage remake
    [HEROES / VILLAINS] 388,000 yen
    03-5772-3171/ HILL SIDE 1F]

  • DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes

    Get hero only for oneself!

    Three kinds of print T-shirts which expressed "Hulk" who was high in popularity in candy Komi "iron man" "Spider-Man" in PICT. It unfolds with three colors of white gray black. It is recommendation that we do ryo though we aim and get thing of longed-for hero since we were young, and prepare all kinds by adult purchasing. ※Precedent sale product

    PICT print T-shirt ["Hulk" "iron man" "Spider-Man"] for each 10,800 yen
    [design work do•Coat
    03-5786-9831/ WEST WALK 3F]


    One piece that we held down basics of casual clothes to

    N. Hollywood proud of great popularity develops T-shirt which let LOGO of modern "MARVEL comic" work with black and two colors of white. High one piece of design that expressed logo of "MARVEL comics" using pixel. In store-limited T-shirt which was particular about comfort, we want to obtain other than candy Komi fan. ※Limited product

    Print T-shirt for each 10,800 yen
    [N. Hollywood 03-6455-5011/ WEST WALK 4F]


    As for this, it is candy Komi! For impact

    Cute pattern is bold design such as the candy Komi. Print which is full of a feeling of vintage like former candy Komi of wearing accentuate, and seem to show individuality. We add to wardrobe, and let's direct candy Komiphilia. ※Limited product

    MARVEL dabusutapurinto T-shirt [ladies']
    11,800 yen [sobudaburusutandadokurojingu
    03-3401-3299/ HILL SIDE B1F]


    Attention inevitable candy Komi pattern caddie bag

    Walk away with eyes of golf course by bag which heroes of Komi were inlaid with everywhere; and to the leading role. Feeling is sure to get that rise, pleasant golf become more substantial thing, too. We seem to be able to expect high score by pushing of heroes. ※Precedent sale product

    MARVEL caddie 105,840 yen
    [Hollywood by mark & rona 03-6721-1755
    / HILL SIDE 2F]


    Of graphical MARVEL character
    Smooth towel

    Add popular MARVEL character to series that printed to towel of fluent feel such as velvet; eye mask or porch of point are lineups embroidery of "Spider-Man", too. Goods with special feeling only in TOUCH are prepared. ※Precedent sale product

    [the left] Face towel for each 2,376 yen bath towel for each 5,400 yen [the right] towel handkerchief for each 1,296 yen
    [TOUCH 03-5786-9611/ WEST WALK 4F]


    Japanese towel which worked of edge which is most suitable for present

    We develop comics pattern of light hue that we finished dyeing in by expert craftsman by traditional method and motif of "Captain America" and Japanese towel of "Spider-Man" by 2 colors each. Anything seems to be pleased with in calm tone regardless of the generation by wide generation. We want to make all kinds even with both home business and present unintentionally. ※Precedent sale product ※It is going to release on April 30, 2017

    Motif pattern [in the right, the right] for each 1,404 yen of Japanese towel comics pattern [in the left, the left] for each 1,728 yen "Spider-Man" "Captain America"
    03-5772-5501/ WEST WALK 2F, 3F]

  • Tabio

    We are with "Spider-Man" anytime!

    It is two kinds of socks of "Spider-Man" of popularity that Tabio releases. Though peep from hem of underwear by wearing that weekdays are casual as for one pair that candy Komi pattern was taken by the entire surface for an instant; ideally. Dot-like type of dark tone is usable for business scene with calm atmosphere. Men's ladies' development. ※Limited product

    "Spider-Man" socks for each 2,916 yen
    [Tabio 03-5772-3561/ WEST WALK 3F]


    Special hero who can meet only on rainy day

    Umbrella of three kinds of handles such as comics of MARVEL, "Captain America" and "Spider-Man" releases "we protect person and make person picture" from HANWAY presenting weather item in Concepts. Colorful illustration which each view of the world was inlaid with is given, and rainy day becomes impatient for the back side? ※Precedent sale product

    Comics / "Captain America" / "Spider-Man"
    For each 27,000 yen
    [HANWAY 03-5786-9600/ WEST WALK 4F]


    Logo print T-shirt that sense shines

    Design that simple "MARVEL logo" gets a lot of looks. Only children's clothes unfold with black and two colors of white. With one piece to let you feel sense that casual brand LOGO of the neck back worked for, we appeal for MARVEL love casually and? ※Limited product

    T-shirt for each 7,020 yen
    [unopiuunouguaretore 03-6721-1381/ WEST WALK 4F]

  • CLASSICS the Small Luxury

    Pop handkerchief which we want to carry every day

    Four kinds of handkerchieves full of senses of fun release from store specializing in world's first Heide existence handkerchieves. It is pop illustration of cobweb of hero and "Spider-Man" of "abenjazu" running around town motif and "iron man" of "Captain America" to have been drawn on handkerchief. ※Precedent sale product ※It is going to release on May 1, 2017

    Handkerchief for each 2,700 yen
    03-5786-9790/ WEST WALK 4F]

  • LEGO®Certified Store

    Lego blocking to assemble popular character, and to enjoy

    Serious! Justin Hammer runs after agent Coe Luzon to Detroit steal! We rush to rescue with "iron man" and are attack in androids who are wicked by power blast. But be careful about chain saw and the sixth stud bolt shooter. If fight becomes intense, we change favorite car roller of agent Coe Luzon to flight mode and are escape quickly.

    76077 iron men: Attack of Detroit steal
    4,095 yen [market price]
    [Lego ® store 03-5785-1705/ HILL SIDE B2F]
    LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2017 The LEGO Group. © 2017 MARVEL


    Lively card which hero gathered

    Card that view of the world of candy Komi which MARVEL such as "iron man" "Captain America" "Spider-Man" "Hulk" was proud of was condensed. Feeling full loading that illustration drawn overcrowdedly is fun to eyes premium as for one piece. If T card gives quickly at available store, it is sure to get that we collect hot eyes. In addition, the same illustration releases printed T-shirt. The details to the store staff.

    MARVEL X T card 540 yen
    03-5775-1515/ KEYAKIZAKA 1F, 2F]
    Hours / from 7:00 to 28:00

※ Design, specifications may be changed. Please note that
※ Displayed price is all tax-included. ※ Amount includes limit.
© 2017 MARVEL

We have various ways of enjoying at each site in Roppongi Hills!
Four major plans to thoroughly enjoy MARVEL

In commemoration of exhibition of movie "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"
WEST WALK 4F Men's zone in "street gallery of MARVEL!"
We hide, and "baby glute" appears at each site in Roppongi Hills approximately 30 places.
In more various photospots.

MARVEL studio most new item
"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" public memory! Special plan

1.Look for "baby glute"!

 Participation method  1. Let's photograph life-sized "baby glute" covered at each site in Roppongi Hills (Roppongi Hills observatory Tokyo City View, shops, restaurant cafe) two places.

This "baby glute!"

Than movie "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"
© Marvel Studio 2017

2. We add hashtag #marvel_pj to the image, and let's share in SNS!

3. When we go for Mori Tower 2F synthesis information and show screen which we shared, we present original sticker of MARVEL project @ Roppongi Hills-limited MARVEL design!

 Sticker present counter  [place] Roppongi Hills synthesis information (Mori Tower 2F)
[exchange Hours] From 12:00 to 21:00


・We finished size of the original figure skating display of "Hulk vs. Hulkbuster".
・Photospot of MARVEL moved from the WEST WALK 2F south to WEST WALK 2F north side entrance (Roku-Roku Plaza).

2. Let's go to photospot of MARVEL!

Extra-large panel of force perfect score that cut cover of "MARVEL comics" and the excellent scene at each site in Roppongi Hills in six places, Other in the size of the original figure skating photo spot!
We take photograph if we find favorite spot, and we attach hashtag #marvel_pj, and let's share in SNS.

Please confirm detailed setting place with booklet in Inside buildings.
※Images are for illustrative purposes only.

3."Street gallery of MARVEL"

"The street gallery of MARVEL" emerge in WEST WALK 4F Men's zone. We introduce view of the world of movie "Guardian's of galaxy" to plot reflecting the image of town of New York Brooklyn of the 80s when MARVEL was born.
※We may change contents and design, specifications, the appearance without notice.

Guardian's of galaxy: Re-mixture
Friday, May 12 special first-run showing
© Marvel Studio 2017

4.Size of the original figure skating of "Hulk vs. Hulkbuster" appears!

In WEST WALK 2F south side colonnade in Roppongi Hills, 6 meters in width, size of the original figure skating "Hulk vs. Hulkbuster" of product made in huge hot toys company measuring 4.8 meters in height are appearances for a limited time until [tree] on April 27, 2017. Please feel view of the world of magnificent MARVEL which is totally at a loss in movie, and seemed to be crowded.

Size of the original figure skating "Hulk vs. Hulkbuster" of product made in hot toys company

※Images are for illustrative purposes only.

11 stores of Roppongi Hills participate! Inspire menu which thoroughly enjoys view of the world of movie

We memorialize public [May 12, 2017] of movie "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2",
In restaurant and cafe of Roppongi Hills, we offer special menu to be able to taste only at this opportunity.
Please enjoy unique inspire menu which got hint from movie and appearance character.

  • King George

    Vegetables gamoramorasando 1,500 yen
    We stuff our mouth with ingredients dakusanno sandwich!

    "Moth, moo expressed to devise color taste of lah" with sandwich; is healthy; hearty one article. As vegetables such as sunny lettuce and cucumber, avocado are fully contained other than pastromi turkey, we can enjoy crunchy texture.
    ※15 meals-limited a day

    [NORTH TOWER 1F/03-3403-3537]
    It is 30 offer Hours /11: 00-20

  • Mohri Salvatore Cuomo

    Crocket raccoon 830 yen
    Large croquette which features texture that we did quickly

    Unique one dish that likened "rocket raccoon" which came up in movie to croquette. You touch thick Worcestershire sauce which you mixed ketchup, mustard, basil mayonnaise, balsamico which imaged croquette of original sausage and potato, four characters with, and please have.
    ※15 meals-limited a day

    [HILL SIDE B2F/03-5772-6675]
    Offer Hours /17:00 - 23:00

  • eggcellent

    Of a good vegetables and kimakare
    Baby guruguru trawl 1,200 yen
    Plenty of vegetables! Lap sand which is recommended for breakfast

    Lap sand which expressed "glute" of figure such as tree. Healthy roll which fully used marrow cabbage, and mixed scrambled eggs using basic organic egg of shop, homemade kimakare. Sweetness of coconut Tips accentuates, too.

    [Metro Hat 1F/03-3423-0089]
    It is from 8:00 to 20:30 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays for from 7:00 to 20:30 on offer Hours / weekdays


    Guardian salad
    bebiyogurutososu 980 yen
    Garden salad which star-shaped likened tomato to

    Garden salad with full of vegetables that full-bodied yogurt sauce intertwines with each other moderately. Other than tomato, young corn, broccoli, kidney beans, leaf, please enjoy unique appearance that star-shaped, served tomato.
    ※Ten meals-limited a day

    [NORTH TOWER 1F/03-6804-5377]
    Offer Hours /11:00 - 23:00

  • Hills DAL-MATTO

    Carbonara 1,944 yen of baby gurutoryufu
    Thick sauce is connected with truffle

    Deluxe one dish that was studded with fresh truffles from Italy which expressed "baby glute" to panchietta from Italy, thick carbonara using cheese. Petit veil [vegetables] enhances color taste of carbonara vividly.

    [WEST WALK 5F/03-6804-1644]
    Offer Hours /11:00 - 23:00


    Basil spaghetti of spring phrase clams
    1,058 yen [the left] with La Dish
    Of baby yoguruto
    kapureze-style salad 540 yen [the right]
    Salad and spaghetti which color plate with springlike hue

    Basil package D of clams is colorful, and it colors in La Dish which we soaked in good fresh basil and dry tomato, vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar of flavor in spring. Yoghurt which the center of healthy salad which we used tomato and leaf for abundantly looked like fresh cheese and, in fact, baked. As it is frank taste, we match rich main dish of taste.

    [NORTH TOWER B1F/03-5772-6351]
    Offer Hours /11:00 - 22:30


    gyarakushizasaradapankeki 1,200 yen
    Both appearance and taste are pancake of volume perfect score

    Popular pancake is arranged in the image of view of the world of movie by salad pancake. We put lettuce, tomato, onion, hot tandoori chicken on hearty pancake and are taste of ARATA sense that we finished with Caesar sauce. Lunch set includes drink on weekdays.

    [HILL SIDE B1F/03-3470-1065]
    Offer Hours /11:00 - 21:30
    [only on lunch set weekdays from 11:00 to 15:00]

  • Andiamo

    Star low bowl 1,500 yen
    Nutrient-rich! Italian oyakodon

    Star low bowl that wish to be like like "star road" and hero was put. Using parmesan cheese and olive oil, Italian oyakodon was completed. Chicken is contained in a good errand, spinach, too. In spice that salt kelp which we used for accent enhances taste.
    ※Ten meals-limited a day

    [KEYAKIZAKA 1F/03-5413-6614]
    Offer Hours /11:00 - 15:00


    Space Station-Lord Crepe 1,200 yen
    Crepe which refreshing flavor spreads through

    Crepe which imaged galaxy which refreshing flavor wrapped up with fresh using seasonal citrus fruit and remombamu, lemongrass, mint. Jelly with star-shaped thiaseed adds glitter to crepe.
    ※Ten meals-limited a day

    [HILL SIDE 2F/03-3497-0669]
    Offer Hours /10:00 - 22:00


    kiuisutabebiyoguruto 550 yen
    Drink which enjoys juicy flavor

    Kiwi fruit and Katsura urio of refreshing taste, yoghurt and blending to accept. Healthy drink which mixed it with plain yogurt comes up. We can enjoy texture of fruity kiwi lumpy in texture.
    ※Ten meals-limited a day

    [WEST WALK 6F/03-3403-2727]
    At offer Hours /9:00 - 19:00, it is from 11:00 to 18:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays


    Baby yoguruto & acai 620 yen
    Sweet-sour berry which fully entered matches

    To popular drink of Tully's where acai and two levels of hues of yoghurt are bright, it is strawberry and raspberry, special menu which picked up three kinds of blueberry worth drinking. Sweetness of raspberry mixes with acidity, acai of yoghurt exquisitely.

    [NORTH TOWER 1F/03-5772-2334]
    At offer Hours /7:00 - 22:30 for soil from 8:00 to 22:30,
    Day celebration from 8:00 to 22:00

    ※ Displayed price is all tax-included.
    ※ Amount includes limit.

Of movie "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" public memory
We carry out campaign to get 11 kinds of special coasters.

At target store inspire menu of "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"
For one article of visitor of order, we give one piece of special coaster.
We collect 11 kinds and make collection, and right or wrong, please obtain coaster of interested character at this opportunity.

11 kinds of special coasters
※ Coaster becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

First Japanese large-scale synthesis exhibition on the heels of charm of MARVEL
It is held in Roppongi Hills observatory Tokyo City View!

Valuable document becoming first in Japan exhibition including work and character of "abenjazu" and MARVEL familiarity including "Spider-Man,"
We display approximately 200 points including apparel and small tools and introduce MARVEL and the view of the world before continuing up to the present day from the past thoroughly.
We press charm of MARVEL affecting much culture and people.


Copyright © 2017 MARVEL. All Rights Reserved. We forbid reproduction of every content without permission firmly.