"Design Tops" that femininity becomes more attractive

5.10 WED -5.31 WED

Face image improves just to wear in season worn light clothes,
"Design Tops" to be able to show new impression is necessary for adult.
Show skin; as for design and volume silhouette, the frill errand,
We should be able to come across one piece that "we want to wear" that reflected the present mood by all means.


"Design Tops" that face image improves just to wear in season worn light clothes and can show new impression is need for adult. We should be able to meet skin one piece that "we want to wear" that shows, and reflected design and volume silhouette, the present mood including frill trainer by all means.


It is shown good skin of article which is just by adult

Camisole blouse which let comfort just have a sense of stability with strap of shoulder as for the quality of being a woman of off shoulder. Ribbon of the cuffs for accent of the clothing. We want to enjoy summary, feeling of relaxation style that there is like summer in mellow earth color.

Tops 21,600 yen (ESTNATION)

Underwear 25,920 yen (ESTNATION), pierced earrings 30,240 yen (Annie Costello brown), bangle 46,440 yen (andoranin) ESTNATION / 03-5159-7800 [HILL SIDE 1F-2F]


We strongly come for back figure with unlikelihood

Crew neck that the front is simple, back difference that is bold if we look back. One piece that is back profile to be surprised at the gap. Crisp firm dough keeping solid silhouette and that of sleeve which gathers produce is modern impression.

Tops 15,120 yen (UNITED ARROWS)

Skirt 24,840 yen (UNITED ARROWS), pierced earrings 19,440 yen (yobanajuritchi), necklace 102,600 yen (charlotte chain), bangle 33,480 yen (Goosen's Paris) UNITED ARROWS Roppongi / 03-5786-0555 [WEST WALK 2F-3F]

Deuxième Classe

With one piece that is sleeve conscious to accent beautiful woman

Not only voluminous feel is gorgeous, but also design which is trendy one sleeve conscious of this season is effective for upper arm cover. In addition, we see clearly as we emphasize delicate part of arm in cuff part. Take in with khaki chicly.

Blouse 23,760 yen (duzuiemukurasu)

Skirt 18,360 yen (duzuiemukurasu), belt bracelet 16,200 yen (mezombowane) duzuiemukurasu / 03-5413-3607 [WEST WALK 2F]


2WAY blouse which charms in drape

We run to the body from frill of sleeve, and drawn natural drape is light with rapture. It is 2WAY specification worn in both anteroposterior. Furthermore, hem enters in bottoms and may wear clearly, and arrangement that we concluded tightly is slightly nostalgic, and it is wonderful.

Tops 30,240 yen (dajirita)

Underwear 52,920 yen (pezeriko), pierced earrings 28,080 yen (erenarona) design work do coat / 03-5786-9831 [WEST WALK 3F]


Of casual adult talking with back seem to be pretty

Off shoulder blouse that I want one piece in this season. Style to link slow silhouette with back ribbon is impressive. He/she shows all-around coordinates power without figure choosing bottoms as a feeling of length can adjust by end.


Shoes 35,640 yen (DOUBLE STANDARD CLOTHING), skirt 31,320 yen (sobu), pierced earrings 6,480 yen, choker 6,480 yen (together the cat whiskers) sobudaburusutandadokurojingu / 03-3401-3299 [HILL SIDE B1F]


Delicate, elegant see-through errand

We put see-through material on the cuffs of opened decollete & dolman sleeve widely and direct the mood that is air Lee. Silhouette which we did slowly which body swims inside individualizes femininity of person wearing adversely. Balance having a long back is the key to quality of this year.

Tops 28,080 yen (ADORE)

Underwear 46,440 yen ADORE / 03-3475-5915 [WEST WALK 2F]

Spick and Span Noble
Spick and Span Noble

Evolution form shirt that strongly raised feminine beauty

Suggestion to look at healthy skin, and to enjoy shirt X underwear-style which is apt to become cool in sedetobikiri feminine. One piece that adult is easy to wear as strap of camisole is on. Seasonal legendary man with long legs balance is completed if we match with high waist underwear.

Shirt blouse 17,280 yen (Noble)

Underwear 19,440 yen (Noble), hat 24,840 yen (janessareone) Spick & span Noble / 03-6438-1267 [WEST WALK 3F]

Jewel Changes
Jewel Changes

Frill of sleeve swings softly

Blouse of natural texture that frill of sleeve shakes softly. Beautiful color & refreshing sharp V neck to make face image look bright shines as inner for jacket and cardigan. We are glad that it is hand-washable at home.

Tops 12,960 yen (Jewel Changes)

Underwear 17,280 yen (Jewel Changes), hoop pierced earrings 7,776 yen (serufina), right arm bangle 14,040 yen (alone) Jewel Changes / 03-5414-3062 [WEST WALK 3F]


Summer Topps to choose in seasonal keyword

We only match with denim and simple bottoms on hand,
"Design Tops" which the seasonal style is decided on.
We are picked up by four keywords to enliven feeling that we were excited about for summer.

SEE-THROUGH see-throughSEE-THROUGH see-through

With dough transparent lightly, we look at delicate skin which is not direct and want to enjoy seo. Expression of the casual femininity is commuting-style, but is good impression.


    Cotton race that is easy to wear, and is pretty

    Tops which treated good cotton race of the feel partially lightly. Look at skin of decollete and the upper back, and strongly cool, pull sede, chic navy; with feeling to be finished.

    Tops 15,120 yen

    MOROKO BAR / 03-3470-1065 [HILL SIDE B1F]


    Faint luster and translucency are full of expressions

    Convenient item which is usable as inner for jacket without being too casual as silky cut jacquard is delicate. White that is summer royal road wants to touch difference for feel of texture with such an expression.

    Tops 32,400 yen

    ANTEPRIMA / 03-5772-3547 [WEST WALK 3F]

BACK SCHÖN0 back profileBACK SCHÖN0 back profile

Design which is "back profile" to charm with back is fresh while we show various skin, and Topps appears. Judging from before, it is simple, and mix-and-match power is excellent, too.

  • PLST

    We update basic frill with V gap between back

    Casual frill refined by dolman sleeve & widely opened back design like woman. In specifications that back does not open through dough too much into a line form while it is V-shaped. UV cut processing is excellent, too.

    Cut-and-sew 6,469 yen

    PLST / 03-5413-9715 [WEST WALK 3F]


    The mock neck of high sensitive back re-Bonn

    The mock neck which we do not insist on too much can regulate of neck that is condition by tying up ribbon behind. Heteromorphic stripe and smooth silk cotton material makes clean style.

    Blouse 21,384 yen

    DIESEL / 03-5413-9830 [Metro Hat / HOLLYWOOD PLAZA 2F]

SHOULDER CONSCIOUS shoulder consciousSHOULDER CONSCIOUS shoulder conscious

Topps who let accent work for shoulder including off shoulder and dropped shoulder sleeve is this season of the height of prosperity. It is rule article is good, and to just take in.


    An elegance feeling of drape becoming more attractive

    One piece to lead person whom drape waving smoothly wears to elegant woman. Flare sleeve covers upper arm and can show slightly. It is recommended to dress well in all-in-one style with underwear and set of same tendencies materials.

    Tops 16,200 yen

    PINKY & DIANNE / 03-5786-9823 [HILL SIDE B1F]


    Showing is clean skin with crispy white

    Both shoulders greatly add girly charm to opened off shoulder with double ribbon. We only change usual white shirt and T-shirt to this blouse, and feminine style is completed now in a moment.

    Double ribbon top 8,900 yen

    BANANA REPUBLIC / 03-5412-6641 [NORTH TOWER 1F]


    Asymmetric one piece to make 360-degree beautiful woman

    Asymmetric design that only one side became dolman sleeve. Just enjoy a feeling of drape, and make a good gathers with belt errand, and dress well, and mix-and-match; one piece of power preeminence.

    Tops 18,360 yen

    Armani jeans / 03-5786-9590 [Metro Hat / HOLLYWOOD PLAZA 1F]

PRINT printPRINT print

With pattern Tops to be able to show to expression brightly, we direct elation only by summer. We want to choose one piece looking good with adult who does not attract attention too much while there is presence of leading role grade.


    A certain red check + sense of fun applique

    Blouse that applique of spoon building (waterfowl) which we treated on the shoulder gets a lot of looks. When it is long distance, it seems to be plain, and, to small plaid fabric which it is easy to wear, cascade sleeve tickles woman's feelings.

    Blouse 30,240 yen

    Vivienne Tam / 03-5786-9821 [HILL SIDE B1F]

  • kate spade new york

    Waste flowers are modern and shine in black base

    It is impressive to take in trendy flower print with Tops in this season. In peplum in form with sweetness to black base of contrast about bright flower finish like adult with clear handle.

    Tops 22,680 yen

    Kate spade New York / 03-5771-5200 [HILL SIDE B1F]


    We pay attention to "secret ingredient" which is not only sweet

    Silk naradeha where refined luster and good color development, a feeling of beautiful drape are of good quality. Give whole pattern by ink-jet print boldly there. Seem to be pretty; to casual clothes upper in frill + hot scull motif.

    Blouse 27,800 yen

    HYSTERIC GLAMOUR / 03-5785-2153 [Metro Hat / HOLLYWOOD PLAZA 2F]

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