It is near at hand in winter. It is selection of coat to be important above all in deciding style to aim at. We pick up the first place to grant feeling of this year from abundant variation that it kept in Roppongi Hills with popular brand of ladies' & Men's. It is near at hand in winter. It is selection of coat to be important above all in deciding style to aim at. We pick up the first place to grant feeling of this year from abundant variation that it kept in Roppongi Hills with popular brand of ladies' & Men's.

It is near at hand in winter. It is selection of coat to be important above all in deciding style to aim at. We pick up the first place to grant feeling of this year from abundant variation that it kept in Roppongi Hills with popular brand of ladies' & Men's.


Coat-style to create gaiety to with "fur somewhere"

Item of fur to miss unconditionally when it is winter. It is good to enjoy in fur outer luxuriously and is wonderful even if we let you work for point with accessories such as stall or bag. Season that is cold with the rich warmth should become long in coming.



Coat-style to create gaiety to with "fur somewhere"

Item of fur to miss unconditionally when it is winter.
It is good to enjoy in fur outer luxuriously and,
With accessories such as stall or bag
It is wonderful even if we let the points work.
With the rich warmth,
Cold season should become long in coming.


Coat with good-quality looks and warmth

Coat of shaggy that bushy foot is long and can enjoy plump voluminous feel.
Large collar creates impressive style. With same cloth belt.

Coat 70,200 yen (ESTNATION), blouse 73,440 yen (coat), underwear 24,840 yen (ESTNATION), bag 47,520 yen (nikojani), pierced earrings 30,240 yen (Holly Ryan), fur scarf 41,040 yen (pre-Manes) / ESTNATION 03-5159-7800 HILL SIDE 1F, 2F belonging to


    We suggest new charm of fur with appearance that UNITED ARROWS ROPPONGI is handsome

    Men's-like tailored coat can ask the silhouette beautiful properly about good sewing. Astrakhan of bushy foot that it is Carly known as high-quality fur to have garnished neck. Fur collar removes and can wear.

    Astrakhan fur utility clothes coat 248,400 yen, dress 27,000 yen, shoes 20,520 yen (UNITED ARROWS), pierced earrings 8,640 yen (there) / UNITED ARROWS 03-5786, Roppongi - 0555 WEST WALK 2F, 3F

  • DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes

    Texture and form that DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes is flexible
    To good-quality coat with fur individuality

    Coat which charms in three-dimensional form. Using angorakashigorariba dough of noble piachienza of cashmere, it is the finish which has difference in exquisite feel although being simple. We add individuality to neck of no-collar with two-tone fur.

    Coat 313,200 yen, knit 32,400 yen, underwear 41,040 yen, Fox farce nude 45,360 yen (all design work) / design work do coat 03-5786-9831 WEST WALK 3F


    It is person spoon by bag in ADORE constant seller court.
    Stylish taste

    We update no-collar coat proud of basic popularity in silhouette like this year every year. Deeper slit which entered side leads to light appearance lightly. Bag that shoulder strap became fur in style that is catchy in a moment in total.

    Coat 105,840 yen, Tops 20,520 yen, underwear 74,520 yen, Fox first lap bag 42,120 yen, shoes 85,320 yen (all ADORE) / ADORE 03-3475-5915 WEST WALK 2F

  • Jewel Changes

    Overambitiousness wanasade fur of with Jewel Changes foods for daily life

    Roppongi Hills-limited coat which used rekkisurabittofa of the soft feel luxuriously light. Total fur does not become too much gorgeous if hooded and is easy to take in for the everyday clothing. Medium long length to waist with a space does not choose bottom to merge moderately.

    rekkisurabittofakoto 149,040 yen Roppongi Hills-limited, Tops 12,960 yen, skirt 15,120 yen (Jewel Changes), pierced earrings 9,720 yen (there) / Jewel Changes 03-5414-3062 WEST WALK 3F

  • Deuxième Classe

    Lightness to put on for Deuxième Classe cardigan sense is the mood of now

    Up-and-coming brand "blancha" which presents unique view of the world so that daily can enjoy fur of special high quality more. Feeling to put on the finest mink coat casually is ideal. With discerning soft color, luster and luster of mink stand out. 

    Mink fur coat 799,200 yen (Brounker), shirt 24,840 yen (duzuiemukurasu), underwear 34,560 yen (parakeet tex), bag 118,800 yen (Jean quint), shoes 81,000 yen (Nina Ricci) / duzuiemukurasu 03-5413-3607 WEST WALK 2F


Lineup that fur is particularly unique as for trendy this season. To coat which we add fur accessory in addition to partial fur and mouton and want to wear. Way of enjoying fur like oneself is found.

  • PLST

    No-collar mouton which controls PLST arrangement

    Coat of fake mouton which can enjoy rich texture casually. He/she shows all-around coordinates power without choosing the scene in no-collar not to choose moderate voluminous feel worn clearly and affinity of neck as.

    Fake mouton no-collar coat 21,492 yen / PLST 03-5413-9715 WEST WALK 3F


    ARMANI JEANS checked pattern is the pivot of ladies' tile

    With fake fur coat of jacquard check, we enjoy exceptionally feminine winter. In spite of being impressive design, form is simple. And casual pink color is unexpected, and it is easy to coordinate in monotone.

    Fake fur coat 79,920 yen / Armani jeans / Armani Jr. 03-5786-9590 Metro Hat / HOLLYWOOD PLAZA 1F


    hot Chester; femininity

    Chester coat which we made use of fluent texture only by cashmere material in is limited to Omotesando Hills with Roppongi Hills. In the first place featuring mannish image, supplement winterization with snood of fur softly when feminine.

    Pure Cashmere coat 102,600 yen, rabbit farce nude \17,280/ sobudaburusutandadokurojingu 03-3401-3299 HILL SIDE B1F


    I line court where individuality of VIVIENNE TAM one step ahead shines

    Button of braid embroidery to shine in with neck of on the small side coat creates the slightly oriental mood. We can remove fur which we treated inside of stand collar. Bright beige is attributive color of Roppongi Hills.

    Wool beaver long coat 96,120 yen Roppongi Hills-limited color / Vivienne Tam 03-5786-9821 HILL SIDE B1F with braid embroidery button


    In DENHAM different fabrics MIX as for the casual clothes gorgeously

    The first place that corrupted traditional patchwork in modern design. While being based on form that is outdoor; fur which is soft as for all the liner. To silhouette which was refreshing if we squeezed draw cord of West and hem.

    Indigo outer 108,000 yen / DENHAM 03-6447-4994 WEST WALK 3F with fur


    DIANE von
    Volume fur which is FURSTENBERG
    looking nice beautiful woman is decisive factor

    The first place that we only wear Fox fur having a long a good bushy foot, and anyone can become woman who is Luc's. We flutter hem of long length not to yield to the volume breezily and want to walk. Even if we remove collar and wear for stylish image.

    Coat 183,600 yen / Diane fonds Fass ten Bergh 03-5413-2067 KEYAKIZAKA 1F, 2F with Fox fur collar

  • Spick and Span Noble

    Spick and Span Noble minimal coat X large size fur sets off each other well

    No-collar coat which we omitted unnecessary decorativeness and finished in front zip & on the small side silhouette of gold stylishly. We garnish neck with fur scarf with voluminous feel in contrast and want to season impression of the face circumference kindly.

    W/NyZIP coat 51,840 yen, mutonshuraggu 59,400 yen / Spick & span Noble 03-6438-1267 WEST WALK 3F of GUSHLOW AND COLE


    Light gray that PINKY & DIANNE is delicate colors urban winter

    Collar to be able to remove is longish European Fox fur light. Have modernity in gray tone at the same time while being exceptionally gorgeous. Feminine beauty accelerates still more if we close West belt tightly.

    Tailored coat 96,120 yen / PINKY & DIANNE 03-5786-9823 HILL SIDE B1F with cashmere blend beaver fur

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kireime or is casual and is chosen two

We wear dressily and coat rarerukireime coat and casual clothes mainly on down. From different two types of character, both selected carefully only by design looking good with adult completely.



kireime or is casual and is chosen two

Wear dressily; with rarerukireime coat,
Casual coat mainly on down.
From two types different in character completely,
Both selected carefully only by design looking good with adult.


Coat with good-quality looks and warmth

Simple convertible collar coat to be able to put on quickly adopts shell of Gore-Tex to dress material.
Comfort with down to batting again.

Coat 99,360 yen (heruno), Tops 57,240 yen (fraise Lee), underwear 36,720 yen (rotor) / ESTNATION 03-5159-7800 HILL SIDE 1F, 2F


    By arrangement present with Chester coat of UNITED ARROWS ROPPONGI royal road

    Basic Chester coat which was sewed carefully properly. It is easy to add length in soft melton material and knee and plays an active part regardless of ON/OFF. Put cut-and-sew of the mock neck under the knit; feeling present by coordinates.

    Coat 48,600 yen, T-shirt 7,560 yen, underwear 17,280 yen (UNITED ARROWS), knit 27,000 yen (Sloane) / UNITED ARROWS 03-5772, Roppongi - 5501 WEST WALK 2F, 3F


    Double-breasted coat which lets you feel room of N.HOOLYWOOD adult

    Shoulder is double-breasted coat to silhouette of oversize to fall. Just to be simple, and to put on coat that work-style of '20-30 generation became inspiration; a feeling of joke in one step. We want to dress mellow brown well with dignified presence of adult.

    Coat 95,040 yen, shirt 19,440 yen, underwear 25,920 yen (we compile N. Hollywood) / N. Hollywood 03-6455-5011 WEST WALK 4F

  • Dartin Bonaparto

    Dartin Bonaparto military patch is presence of leading role grade

    Special edition which displayed original military patch to popular down jacket. It is compact silhouette with a feeling of fitting to be characteristic. In the finish in detail high-quality using zip which we made Swarovski on to fastener.

    Down coat 151,200 yen, T-shirt 17,280 yen, denim underwear 38,880 yen (all dull tongue Bonaparte) / dull tongue Bonaparte 03-6455-5469 WEST WALK 4F

  • DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes

    DESIGNWORKS deuxcotes simple down to make a clear distinction to be casual

    Down coat which is apt to become sporty treats Finnish raccoon which mouton, collar part can remove to pocket part; and of article it is said; in image. Middle length to silhouette & waist which does not leave without arriving is distinguished for coordinates power.

    Coat 140,400 yen, knit 42,120 yen, underwear 25,920 yen (all design work) / design work do coat 03-5786-9831 WEST WALK 3F


    Elegant contest of 1PIU1UGUALE3 mouton X down

    Collaboration mouton down with brand "EMMETI" of maid in Italy founded as studio of fur garment. In addition to luxury feeling that used high quality material abundantly, fitting which it is easy to wear is big charm.

    Coat 313,200 yen, denim underwear 38,880 yen, stall 21,600 yen (all unopyunouguaretore) / unopyunouguaretore 03-6721-1381 WEST WALK 4F

There is reason and wants to obtain.
Outer catalogue

Let alone good design,
As for special material or comment model,
There are full of outers which I come to want so as to know in this season.
With the discerning first place of the circumference and difference arrive
We want to aim at style in winter.

  • B'2nd roppongi

    Texture that B'2nd roppongi is smooth stands out
    Simple structure

    Collaboration coat with brand "shutaifu" including highest grade sewing that is famous for teddy bear of Germany company. The upper feel of a material that the fluent feel comes visually with rapture. Impression that is sharp nimbly when we wear in on the small side silhouette & stand collar.

    junhashimoto shutaifu WRAP HOODED COAT\140, 400 / B second 03-6434, Roppongi - 0314 WEST WALK 4F


    In ATTACHMENT impression-like form
    We emphasize high sensitivity

    Warmth with more than of appearance in spite of being texture that double-faced cloth coat of cashmere blend does not get heavy, and is flexible. In style that casual dancing posture feels sense for three-dimensional impression of cocoon silhouette with a space and foods surrounding the face circumference.

    Cashmere blend double-faced cloth beaver hooded coat 108,000 yen / ATTACHMENT 03-6434-0217 WEST WALK 4F


    Let DIESEL is handsome, and edge which does not become too much work

    In nuance which coat of double-breasted coat letting you yearn for P court is layered putting on and taking off-type knit material which we did to neck, and is casual. The key which spicy detail including casual zip trainer leads to the kireimenagara de-passable clothing to chest.

    Coat 70,200 yen / DIESEL 03-5413-9830 Metro Hat / HOLLYWOOD PLAZA 2F


    Comment duffel that HYSTERIC GLAMOUR feelings were jam-packed

    Model that "IDEAL CLOTHING" which was forerunner company produced coats which wrote distinction to British well-established brand "MONTGOMERY" in the 1940s. Specifications that it is to sailor collar as for the putting on and taking off-type foods that the inside became camouflage pattern if we open fastener.

    MONTGOMERY X HYSTERIC GLAMOUR duffel coat 69,120 yen / HYSTERIC GLAMOUR 03-5785-2153 Metro Hat / HOLLYWOOD PLAZA 2F


    Sense of fun that floral design of the UNDERCOVER foods back is mode

    White outer which shines in season when we are apt to get heavy. It is urbane without becoming too much sporty and, in mellow color taste and feel of a material, can dress well. Colorful floral design print appearing and disappearing for an instant on the foods back lets you feel play of adult used to casual clothes.

    Down blouson 90,720 yen / UNDERCOVER 03-5410-1230 WEST WALK 4F with foods

  • Starman by R&Co

    The first place that sensitivity that Starman by R&Co tall handloom ability + is modern shines

    We use highest grade white goose down made in Poland superior in heat retention at light weight. Furthermore, we are familiar with the urban clothing by stylish design nicely while being equipped with stand collar & waterproofing fastener and functionality of full-scale outdoor specifications.

    High neck down jacket 96,120 yen / star man by are & Coe 03-6434-9557 WEST WALK 4F

  • SOPH.

    Article is good and decides by down of SOPH. wool place

    Down coat which adjusts to kireimena wearing using high quality wool fabric of Angolan blend to dress material. To short length to be fixed lightly, big foods covering up size of the neck completely bring about fresh balance. Point that lining of patterned stars gets attachment.

    Foods down blouson 99,360 yen / SOPH. 03-6804-3720 WEST WALK 4F


    Military coat with RAWLIFE winterization and sinter

    Military coat which is worn with down warmly in the depth of winters. Not only exceptionally soft rabbit fur which we garnished foods with enlivens wearing gorgeously, but also it is effective for winterization up. Even if we remove and wear more casually.

    Fur down 143,640 yen / RAWLIFE 03-3408-9661 HILL SIDE 1F


    To senior casual by PIG & ROOSTER velvet & embroidery

    Impact that embroidery of eagle is casual to cotton velvet material with glossiness. The inside gives quilting of the same color, and it is point that it is glad that is superior in winterization while making look thin. As for the cuffs, cuff button such as shirt includes.

    ALOSUKA jacket 51,840 yen / pig Andrew star 03-6432-9645 WEST WALK 4F

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