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It is bone-in, and offered porterhouse steak shares with important person wildly, and please.

Of original meat which matured for 21 days
We fully taste juicy taste

We provide Australian Japanese beef which crossed Aussie beef and Japanese beef. We do after bone and can enjoy sirloin and tenderloin (fillet), two kinds of parts. Exquisite beef repeats aging, and red meat and balance of fatty meat condense taste. Affinity good with New World wine that authentic steak which we baked in grill is seasoned only with salt and pepper and was selected carefully. It is simple, and side dish using seasonal vegetables is finished, and good material overflows in charm to stand out.

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Australian Japanese beef porterhouse steak (650 g) aging for 1.21 days for two people. 2.Saute of Porta Bela and red onion.
  • Flavor of truffle made with salad of duck flavored with roast orange
  • Seafood flavored with saute red bell pepper with couscous
  • Porcini onion soup
  • ①Black Angus rib steak (650 g) aged for 35 days
    ②US prime tenderloin steak (500 g)
    ③Australian Japanese beef porterhouse steak (650 g) aging for 21 days
    (we share in two people)
  • Saute of Porta Bela and red onion
  • Gateau chocolate and with nougat glace pistachio cream
  • Coffee

Roppongi Hills-limited
① Black Angus rib steak course /\15,120 (tax-included) aged for 35 days
② US prime tenderloin steak course /\17,280 (tax-included)
③ Australian Japanese beef porterhouse steak course /\19,440 (tax-included) aging for 21 days

※①Please choose one of ③ among this.
※Please refer to store HP for course contents.
※We do not take wine in course.
※Bread may be changed.
※③This should be even one chisel by the reservation number of people.

37 Steakhouse & Bar

Reservation period
From Friday, November 17 to Monday, December 25
Offer period
12/23 (soil celebration) - Monday, December 25
Offer Hours
From 17:30 to 21:30
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