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We taste live Ise lobster with sauce of Porcini.

We use the finest ingredients abundantly
Articles colored by the mood on holiday

Carpaccio of yellowtail caught in the coldest season that appetizer was colored by Christmas color. Then, menu which overflowed in the mood on holiday continues. High quality material including strawberry and blueberry, foie gras which wore sauce made with fond de veau using brandy luxuriously and live Ise lobster and truffle is appearance in sequence. Bush de Noel with boots to put present in to dessert as motif. For direction to enjoy special night, smile spills unintentionally.

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1.Invention to enjoy course menu being aware of Christmas with Gokan. 2.Main steak uses Hokkaido God residence beef which fatty meat and balance of red meat have good. 3.Yellowtail caught in the coldest season of carpaccio is from Kagoshima.
  • Carpaccio of yellowtail caught in the coldest season
  • Foie gras poeler truffle sauce
  • Sauce of live Ise lobster Porcini
  • S Puma of compote white peach of cherry tomato
  • God residence sirloin fillet steak, fried vegetables assortment
  • Garlic rice, miso bowl, Konomono
  • Christmas dessert

Roppongi Hills-limited
Holly /\15,984 (tax-included)

※Sirloin, fillet are for each 50 g.
※We may change arrangement by the stocking situation.

Teppanyaki KAIKAYA

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From Friday, November 17 to Monday, December 25
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From Wednesday, December 20 to Monday, December 25
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