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All ten articles that we incorporated gaiety like Christmas in in preparation of the calm sum.

Good flavor of Tohoku, Akita to the full
Christmas-limited banquet dishes course

In real Japanese which used ingredients to stock every day from Akita abundantly, it is course on local sake of warehouseman direct shipment of Akita and Christmas to be able to taste. Only as for the thing which it is delicate all a lot and wants to taste slowly and carefully of dishes which we made use of seasonal ingredients, and careful work was made on. In addition to articles using fresh seafood and vegetables, deep-fried grilled dish and soft-shell crab of beef ribs is on menu, too. With Inaniwa Udon of specialty of Akita where eminent drinkability has good tightening of course that is full of variety easily.

Dishes photograph
1.Beautiful appetizer which seasonal seafood, riches of the soil were included in. 2.We take fried food of soft-shell crab in taste of the sum. 3.Truth length (dumplings) of bowl is with shellfish, prawns, raw seaweed.
  • Sakizuke roasting cloud child ponzu vinegar
  • Playing with a ball hitting with the hand sushi of boiled greens with dressing / tuna simmered with Tosa / red sea bream of wine oil steamed / Japanese butterbur of Tatsuta deep-fried skewers / oyster of appetizer Akita greens
  • One set of bowl sea foods rock truth length / bowl wife
  • One set of sashimi sampler of 3 kinds / wife
  • Grilled ceramic ware beef ribs
  • Grilled stewed foods Shogoin turnip / Tochio deep-fried / Grifola frondosa
  • Tomezakana an liver shottsuru chawanmushi
  • Fried food soft-shell crab vegetables bean jam
  • Meal Inaniwa Udon (on or cold)
  • Sweetness soybean milk bracken rice cake

Roppongi Hills-limited
Christmas course /\5,400 (tax-included)

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Reservation period
From Friday, November 17 to Monday, December 25
Offer period
From Wednesday, December 20 to Monday, December 25
Offer Hours
From 17:00 to 21:00
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