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Yezo deer which flavor is high in in Maine. Innovative dainty food experience to taste with sauce of fearless pear & bacon is possible.

Sweet Hours to chop in sacred night
Limited Christmas dinner to taste with the five senses

Illuminations innovative French restaurant facing the glittering Keyakizaka. At counter seat on the first floor, chefs show their skill in open kitchen in front, the second floor is flavor such as hideaway full of the mood. New texture that original sense of chef shined as for the egg caviar of supesharite, and increased Asian essence in French. That on the day, by the stocking, menu may be decided. When Christmas of this year enjoys ultimate "dainty food experience" in Jean George Tokyo?

Dishes photograph
Signature dish "egg caviar" of JG is person plate of *shoku.
  • Egg caviar
  • Appetizer 1 Carpaccio of scallop, snow and Wasabi of lemon
  • Appetizer 2 Foie gras brulee, gelee, pistachio and sour cherry of white port
  • onsai Dumpling, eschallot and Golden garlic of pumpkin and basil
  • Fish dishes shirukipyure of tilefish grilled with scale brussels sprouts, ju of apple
  • Fish dishes 2 Spiny lobster, black truffle butter, polo green onion and crispy potato
  • Meat dishes Condiment of roast, pear and bacon of Yezo deer
  • Dessert busshudonoeru

Roppongi Hills-limited
Course / 24,000 yen (it includes tax, service charge) special on Christmas

Jean-Georges Tokyo

Reservation period
From Friday, November 17 to Monday, December 25 ※Reservation required
Offer period
From Friday, December 22 to Monday, December 25
Offer Hours
From 17:00 to 24:00 (L.O. 21:30)
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