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Special course only for this time when neither taste being aware of genuine Italian food nor quality has compromise.

By menu which is good at special night
Enliven Christmas feeling

One article that was particular about handcrafting as for the liver pate of appetizer. Pizza marugerita of classic menu comes up successively. Pasta which truffle performed topping of luxuriously shines in is Tagliatelle of home brew. Not only we use for sauce, but also truffle is kneaded into pasta. Main beef fillet made aging on once is serve in consecutive fire of exquisiteness. Gorgeous full-course meal enlivens romantic sacred night to dessert which both eyes and tongue please more.

Dishes photograph
1.Bush de Noel that colors sacred night. 2.Homemade Tagliatelle which treated truffle abundantly. 3.Rare recommends doneness of beef fillet which aging was made on.
  • Small present from Mori Salvatore
  • Laying upon in the bloom of three kinds of appetizers
  • Pizza marugerita
  • Homemade Tagliatelle burnt butter sauce which we kneaded truffle into
  • Grilling foods on an iron plate red wine sauce of aging black Angus beef fillet and seasonal vegetables
  • Bush de Noel

Roppongi Hills-limited
Happy Natale
happinatare / 6,800 yen (tax-included)

※"Pizza marugerita" of photograph is for two people.

Mohri Salvatore Cuomo

Reservation period
From Friday, November 17 to Sunday, December 24 ※Reservation required
Offer period
From Thursday, December 21 to Monday, December 25
Offer Hours
18:00 ..., 20:30 ... (two part system)
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