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Appetizer assortment is full of color like ornament to display Christmas tree gorgeously.

We enjoy luxury material casually
Italian filled with senses of fun

It is good for Christmas, and sense of fun is plentiful when gorgeous to all dishes. If toast with macaron which modelled snowman of amuse, appetizer of five kinds that at first are colorful. Black truffle which is high in flavor jumps on following gamefowl, chestnut, risotto of gingko nut. Person plate that beef cheek of Jolo Jolo is thick red wine sauce and tastes. Taste that sea urchin and Omar are luxurious in pasta. Up to pistachio of dessert and mousse of chocolate, it is all six dishes to be able to spend a contented time.

Dishes photograph
1.Special course that enlivens feeling on holiday. 2.Risotto of gamefowl that black truffle is appetizing. 3.Stewed beef cheek with sauteed vegetables.
  • Macaron / mortadella fritto of Gorgonzola
  • Galantine of borito / salmon confit / Mio chicken and foie gras of / veal tongue made with cannelloni of smoked / crab and avocado of yellowtail
  • Gamefowl with risotto black truffle
  • Stewed beef cheek
  • Sea urchin and pasta of Omar
  • Mousse of pistachio and chocolate

Roppongi Hills-limited
Christmas dinner course / 7,344 yen (tax-included)

※Bread and coffee after a meal are included.


Reservation period
From Friday, December 1 to Sunday, December 24
※Reservation, please call directly to store
Offer period
From Friday, December 22 to Monday, December 25
Offer Hours
From 17:00 to 24:00
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