Keyakizaka Illumination

The lighted street trees of Keyakizaka are a sign that Christmas has come to Roppongi.

The lighted street trees of Keyakizaka are a sign that Christmas has come to Roppongi. White and blue "SNOW&BLUE" and amber warm and candle-colored "CANDLE & AMBER" emitting urbane brightness invite to two light this year. Come enjoy about 400m of sparkling slope.

11/7 tue - 12/25 mon
From 17:00 to 23:00
※Because of favorable reception, we turn on until 24:00 during period of from Friday, December 15 to Monday, December 25.
Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori
LED (zelkova 65 + outskirts of KEYAKIZAKA) of approximately 1,200,000 lights
Writing design
Satoshi Uchihara design office
  • White and blue LED "SNOW & BLUE" (state of last year)
  • Umber color (amber) and candle-colored LED"CANDLE & AMBER"
The support: Galaxy

Keyakizaka illuminations lighting type

※It was finished

11/7 tue
※This events was finished

Nao Matsushita of actress that illuminations lighting-type guest of 2017 is drama and movie, many aspects including CM and is made an outstanding performance. Matsushita full of charm of adult woman appears in song from the grand staircase with neatness in total beautifully on Christmas played by hand bell live as person of lighting "SNOWQUEEN" to tell arrival of Christmas season. When "SNOWQUEEN" warms hand over lighting stand, illuminations of "SNOW&BLUE" turn on all at once and finish dyeing KEYAKIZAKA for 400m beautifully.

Profile: Nao Matsushita
The date of birth: Hobby on February 8, 1985 from Hyogo: Movie viewing Special ability: Classic piano
We make our debut as actress in 2004. After that we are playing an active part in drama and movie, various genres including CM widely. In 2010, consecutive telenovel NHK is starring for "wife of gegege". Serial drama "totto!" who is broadcasting now in TV Asahi serial drama theater from October, 2017 It is starring in this.
We are performing the part of Cho Kuroyanagi brilliantly. In addition, as well as face as actress, we make singer debut in 2007 and enlarge place of achievement as pianist, composer, singer.
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