Roku-Roku Plaza Illumination

Symbol tree of 7m that light to waver is beautiful

At the entrance of Roppongi Hills "66 Plaza", a symbolic tree with a height of about 7m will appear. It will greet everyone like a vibrant lamp that flickers with candlelight and warm colored illumination.

11/7 tue - 12/25 mon
From 17:00 to 24:00
※We reel 3-minute program back
※Because of favorable reception, we turn on until 29:00 (5:00, the following day) for from Friday, December 22 to Sunday, December 24.
Roku-Roku Plaza
LED of approximately 5,000 lights and approximately 400 pitches of incandescence balls
Writing design
Satoshi Uchihara design office
The support: Suntory Spirits Ltd.
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