Luxurious present hits! instagram contribution campaign now being held!

We play video

TWINKLE!! TWINKLE!! Light not to go out even if we go home

Crystal of light to lay thick in this town,
Like snow, we do not disappear with palm.
We are born in response to thought of people who came,
Choose here, and come true; light.
Without even if it touches, melting,
It is warm beautifully,
We continue shining near you.
It from Roppongi Hills of this year
It is Christmas present.

#Roppongi Hills Christmas contribution campaign

Momentary photograph which attaches hashtag "# Roppongi Hills Christmas", and dances heart of ROPPONGI HILLS CHRISTMAS,
Let's post photograph of episode concerning Christmas campaign wish a wish for one year!

From one that had "" respond by lottery
We present meal ticket of "Grand Hyatt Tokyo" and ticket of "Roppongi Hills observatory Tokyo City View".

Ticket of "Roppongi Hills observatory Tokyo City View" is presented to award for excellence five people with meal ticket of "Grand Hyatt Tokyo" by pair 30 sets 60 people.

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