Letter of invitation [9/29 FRI.- 10/31 TUE.] from Roppongi Hills-limited autumn lunch chef

Letter of invitation [9/29 FRI.- 10/31 TUE.] from Roppongi Hills-limited autumn lunch chef

In autumn of letter of invitation crop from chef and autumn of appetite. Roppongi Hills restaurant 12 store devised "autumn, lunch" limitation menu. Menu of fascination that seasonal foods were inlaid with is right letter of invitation from chef.

L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon

Tart black olives and basil of mackerel for accent (example a la carte 1,800 yen of selectable appetizer in prefix course 6,800 yen)
※Service charge distinction

Fatty autumn mackerel, acidity of fragrant tart dough, olives and tomato. Appetizer which various tastes blend in mouth, and lays deep, complicated taste only by autumn. Autumn lunch-limited menu to appear as "selectable appetizer" of prefix course of 6,800- yen of lunch.

konfi of compote and lemon of roast eggplant of lamb dorsal meat (an example of selectable main dish in prefix course 6,800 yen)
※Service charge distinction

Main dish of prefix course is available, but one push of chef is this. We eat while attaching eggplant and tomato which let you lie hidden between meat like sauce.

Float S Puma of vurutekontechizu of butter nuts pumpkin (an example of selectable soup in prefix course 6,800 yen)
※Service charge distinction

Soup of indulgently full-bodied butter nuts pumpkin. It features red curry paste tightening soft and fluffy bubble and taste that we made from cheese.

ratoriedujoeru robushon chef Takeshi Sekiya Ichiro that "tart of fatty autumn mackerel is supesharite only for lunch in autumn"

Chef Takeshi Sekiya Ichiro

It was born in 1979. We visit France for early 20s and study at many well-known stores. We return in triumph from Paris in 2010 and take office as chef of Roppongi "ratoriedujoeru robushon".

"ratoriedujoeru robushon" which many gourmets visit from the world saying "the highest French is eaten if we come here." It is Kenichi Sekiya Akira who it makes young age 26 years old in restaurant of Mr. robushon of home Paris to command kitchen, and was selected as Sioux chef (vice-chef).

It is prefix course of 6,800 yen of lunch to want to pay attention this autumn. Saying "there is appetizer in this course, but, as choice of appetizer, can eat only lunch, limited menu "tart of mackerel" appears in autumn"; Sekiya chef. "We paint crispy piecrust with paste of black olive and tomato and are confidence product which stacked fatty autumn mackerel. Not only we appeal to sight, but also sauce of basil and balsamic vinegar which we described in are deko style gives the whole tart refreshing taste.

Of appetizer it is prefix course of 6,800 yen that, besides, butter nuts pumpkin, main dish can fully enjoy autumn taste to deepen including roast and eggplant of lamb dorsal meat to soup. It is inevitable to become topic among gourmets in this autumn.

French Restaurant L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon

Lunch 12:00 - LO14:30
/ dinner 18:00 - LO21:30
Offer Hours of limited lunch menu: 12:00 - LO14:30
The shop has 44 seats of counters overlooking open kitchen including seat at a table. Visit after we make a reservation for popularity at lunchtime is desirable.

Jean-Georges Tokyo

Risotto citron of matsutake mushroom and green Chile (five meals of one dish of a la carte 4,500.1 yen day limitation in JG lunch course 5,800 yen)
※Service charge distinction ※Reservation required (in the case of reservation, tell about the effect of "risotto of matsutake mushroom" hope)

Limited lunch menu in autumn "risotto citron of matsutake mushroom and green Chile." Including JG lunch course, order is possible in other courses. Slice of raw matsutake mushroom is excited on burning hot risotto and gives off noble flavor softly. Flavor of self green Chile and citron which let you mature is accent with jalapeno red pepper.

Warm chocolate cake vanilla ice cream from Tahiti (dessert a la carte 1,400 yen in JG lunch course 5,800 yen)
※Service charge distinction

"Warm chocolate cake vanilla ice cream from Tahiti." Warm chocolate cream begins to flow with toro from the inside when we put folk music. Dessert which is lightly sweetened, and flavor of cacao is made, and is famous as chocolate cake of "adult."

Egg caviar (4,000 yen)
※Service charge distinction

Luxurious combination of smooth scrambled eggs and caviar served thickly. When is put together with in flavor pickles done fresh cream and mouths in lemon and vodka; happiness itself.

We express Japanese culture to enjoy “ matsutake mushroom. It is "Jean George Tokyo chef Fumio Yonezawa for the leading role of course in global person plate

Chef Fumio Yonezawa

Fumio Yonezawa chef (the left) who worked as Sioux chef (vice-chef) in flagship shop of New York. On Roppongi store opening, we were selected as chef to Jean George (the right).

Restaurant "Jean George" who receives the best evaluation from Michelin Guide and the New York Times in New York where the leading epicures gather from the world. Chef Fumio Yonezawa inherits the mind in here Roppongi store and shows originality while valuing essence of the sum.

Even if "recommendation of this autumn is called anything, it is "risotto of matsutake mushroom". As for the culture to enjoy matsutake mushroom, Japan was unique, but Jean George who had the respect for the culture announced this risotto with autumn New York, and it was popular menu. As I provide at this limited lunch menu in particular, please taste the by all means global taste"

Furthermore, wanting to eat by all means if visit "Jean George" "warm chocolate cake" of "egg caviar" of appetizer and dessert. Of epicure world as for the taste with signature dish (dish representing shop) which has been loved for a long time both by many people is guaranteed. As for the egg caviar, order is possible for positive 4,000 yen. Warm chocolate cake is incorporated in limited lunch menu.

Omakase Kaiseki French Restaurant Jean-Georges Tokyo

Lunch from 11:00 to 15:00 (LO14:00)
/ dinner from 17:00 to 24:00 (LO foods 21:30)
/ terrace seat from 11:00 to 22:00
Offer Hours of limited lunch menu: From 11:00 to 14:00
Other than counter seat which can enjoy conversation with chef and the staff on the first floor, 20 seats of seats at a table are on the second floor.

La Brianza

Spaghetti of saury and mushrooms (one dish in chef recommended autumn course 5,000 yen)
※Reservation required (in the case of reservation, tell about the effect of "spaghetti of saury and mushrooms" hope)

Autumn lunch course which can choose spaghetti of fried saury

Autumn recommendation that popular shop "raburiantsua" of Roppongi Hills which epicure goes to frequently suggests "spaghetti of saury and mushrooms." Because we intertwine with spaghetti after we salt and grill saury, nice smell is outstanding. Several kinds of autumn mushrooms which we minced finely increase further flavor and taste. It is two articles of appetizers, pasta, Maine, person plate of the best push of "selectable pasta" of prefix course of lunch consisting of dessert.

Chef raburiantsua Yoshiyuki Okuno

We hear voice not to have a feeling that autumn came when we do not eat saury from many visitors every year. At lunchtime, autumn sunlight pours from big window easily. In comfortable space, please enjoy autumn *shokushokuzai "saury".

Chef Yoshiyuki Okuno

Italian La Brianza

Lunch from 11:30 to 15:30 (LO14:30)
Dinner from 17:30 to 23:30 (LO22:00)
※Suspension of business temporary on 10/16 Monday, Monday, October 30
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:30 to 14:30


Trenette of autumn truffle and hand-kneaded pasta (20 meals of one dish of .1 days limitation in course 3,630 yen to taste autumn truffle)
※It includes service charge

Seasonally limited pasta which truffle and butter are fragrant in autumn, and stands

Much to pasta which chef Hiromoto of cause "Chianti" chef cooks; fan is, but autumn guide is this. One article that was about to fully sharpen truffle to hand-kneaded flat noodles "Trenette" which we seasoned only with butter, salt, pepper in autumn. We can enjoy in course where salad, bread, three kinds of dessert and drinks were set.

Chef ILBrio Yoshiyuki Okuno

While pasta is hot, we toss if at first there are few truffles and let flavor spread out in every corner of noodles. Furthermore, it is elegant person plate which we sharpen plentiful truffle and rode, confidence product of this autumn!

Chef Takaharu Hiromoto

Italian ILBrio

Lunch from 11:00 to 15:00
(LO14:00, Saturday and Sunday, celebration 14:30)
Tea from 15:00 to 16:30 (LO16:00)
For / dinner from 17:30 to 24:00 (LO23:00),
Friday and Saturday, days before holidays ... 2:00 (LO 1:00, the following day), the following day
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 14:00


Consomme gelee of mousse and autumn mushrooms of black truffle (appetizer in course 5,500 yen of lunch)
※Reservation required (please contact up to three days before)

Autumn dainty food experience that seasonal taste and wine play

Autumn special lunch course is constitution with six articles (amuse, appetizer two articles, fish dishes, meat dishes, dessert) that interlaced French and Japanese. Appetizer "consomme gelee of mousse and autumn mushrooms of black truffle" that taste that autumn delicacy was deep as for the photograph was condensed. Affinity with mellow red wine "Asuka asuka" (positive \ 1,836/80ml * service charge distinction) is particular.

Chef Kenzo S Tate winery Yoshiyuki Okuno

We change constitution of dish from time of release of wine and element of tasting every day. Please experience dish and best mariaju of wine in our restaurant.

Chef Yusuke Kanazawa

Wine Shop & Restaurant KENZO ESTATE WINERY

1F wine shop & tasting bar 11:00 ... 4:00 (LO 3:00, the following day), the following day
/2F wine dining from 17:00 to 23:00 (LO22:00)
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 14:00 (from Monday to Saturday limitation)


Porcini from Italy and chestnut, Tagliatelle of water buffalo Mozzarella (one dish in autumn lunch set 2,800 yen for a limited time)

To autumn lunch set, porcini from Italy comes up

"O bimosquito" which is famous for menu using Mozzarella of water buffalo. Pasta with Mozzarella and Porcini was listed by lunch set. Special set which has two articles of side dishes, drink after a meal other than pasta with photograph. Please thoroughly enjoy Italian porcini full of taste at this opportunity.

obikamottsuareraba urushioku*shin chef

We sliced seasonal porcini which was valued high so as to be equal to matsutake mushroom into thick pieces and, with chestnut from Italy, tossed in pasta.
Please enjoy autumn taste of Italy.

urushioku*shin chef

risutorante / pizzeria OBICÀ MOZZARELLA BAR

From Monday to Thursday, day from 11:00 to 23:00 (LO22:00)
Friday and Saturday, days before holidays - 24:00 (LO23:00)
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 15:00 (weekdays only)

yasaiya Mei

Autumn mushrooms shabu-shabu two portions 4,000 yen (as for the order from two portions)

One which is plentiful mushrooms only in the Roppongi Hills shop!

Many fresh vegetables reach "yasaiyamei" from reliable contract farming families of the whole country every day. A lot of rare mushrooms are received in autumn. Therefore plentiful limited menu is devised with mushrooms by "vegetables shabu-shabu" of extreme popularity. Taste moves to soup thanks to mushrooms surprisingly, and rice and udon of tightening are particular, too.

Chef vegetable house shop rhinoceros shop May Masanobu Shigeno

Mushrooms arriving from Nagano and Yamagata taste golden oyster mushroom and petal mushrooms, amber mushrooms, and they are rich. As for the soup of shabu-shabu, taste is deepened more by adding vegetables and mushrooms.

Chef Masanobu Shigeno

Japanese yasaiya Mei

From 11:00 to 23:00 (LO22:00)
Lunch 11:00 - LO16:00
/ dinner 17:00 - LO22:00
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 16:00


It is fresh pasta peperoncino rice cake rice cake of matsutake mushroom and mother pike conger fragrant in autumn (one dish in dull mat lunch 2,400 yen)

We want pasta of "pike conger" in very popular lunch set, autumn

Popular "dull mat lunch" which colorful four kinds of appetizers assortment and pasta set. Pike conger has been often used for autumn pasta, but mother pike conger becomes peperoncino and appears, and, besides, matsutake mushroom is added just before finish, and autumn fragrances are enough this year, too. Fresh pasta of sticky texture is exquisite.

Hills dull mat shoden*ki chef

Taste of pike conger is person plate coiling itself round noodles exquisitely by tossing pasta in pike conger. Texture that is sticky as pasta performs closing a bargain, and is fresh. We match delicate pike conger very well.

shoden*ki chef

Italian Hills DAL-MATTO

From 11:00 to 23:00 (LO22:00)
Friday and Saturday, days before holidays - 24:00 (LO23:00)
Lunch from 11:00 to 17:00
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 17:00

Roppongi Inakia

Matsutake gohan and autumn taste low dining table 2,160 yen (ten meals of daily limitation)

Autumn low dining table of orthodox school Japanese that careful work shines

"Roppongi Inakia" which conveys beauty and taste of Japanese in traditional warm jobs carefully. Saury to bake comes back, and autumn taste to want to eat is studded with while painting with matsutake gohan, soy seasoned with grated Japanese pepper which we cooked with earthenware pot to autumn low dining table set because it is in seared skipjack, this season including tempura of mushrooms.

Chef Roppongi Inakia Masashi Kato

Skipjack to grill saury after putting salt on the day before puts taste by seasoning with sake and gives Japanese which valued basics. It is autumn special low dining table which included seasonal ingredients in a good balance abundantly.

Chef Masashi Kato

Japanese / dish Roppongi Inakia

From 11:00 to 23:00 (LO22:00)
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 15:00

Run the south; steamed bun shop naan show man cane ten

Mushrooms three kinds xiaolongbao (six) lunch set 1,950 yen

It is comparing the tastes with three kinds of xiaolongbao of autumn-limited mushrooms

Matsutake mushroom, tree mushrooms of persimmon, xiaolongbao of three kinds using white Grifola frondosa with dim sum and noodles, dessert "run the south, and can enjoy with steamed bun shop" classic lunch set. Autumn limitation article which fully mixed mushrooms which we chopped in "bean jam" to make from black pork of Okinawa. Flavor of mushrooms to go up softly is appetizing.

Run the south; steamed bun shop naan show man cane ten choaikoku chef

Black pork of Okinawa, feelings to material including home brew gelatin to stew pork skin, and to make and how to use trouble add mushrooms more without changing, and classic xiaolongbao is reborn in autumn taste.

choaikoku chef

Chinese Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

Day ... fire from 11:00 to 23:00 (LO22:00)
Water - soil from 11:00 to 23:30 (LO22:30)
/ lunch 11:00 - LO17:00
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 17:00


Autumn Aya course 2,470 yen

Seasonal feelings course that attracted good flavor of Akita

"Azabu Kyuutoku" that uses a lot of ingredients with connection for Akita. "Autumn Aya course" that used petal and mushrooms of chrysanthemum which is called saying "it is the most unreasonable", riches of the soil of Akita including chestnut of steamed rice luxuriously is included in red octagon set and is luxurious at all. It is made specially in Akita, and please thoroughly enjoy taste of delicate, refined "Inaniwa Udon" to close.

Azabu Kyuutoku Usui University feeling chef

Obedient taste features ingredients to get in Akita that nature is rich. We are particular about gram unit, and soup of Inaniwa Udon blends skipjack, dried mackerel and is discerning taste that we fixed in white soy sauce.

Usui University feeling chef

Japanese / Inaniwa Udon AZABU KYUTOKU

From 11:00 to 23:00 (LO22:00)
Lunch 11:00 - LO14:00
/ dinner from 17:00 to 23:00 (LO22:00)
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 17:00

Ningyocho Densui

Field drunkenness low dining table of saury and riches of the soil 2,000 yen (ten meals of daily limitation)

Autumn low dining table to eat rice deliciously

"Doll Machida drunkenness" in pursuit of good flavor to come out of rice and liquor, meter. Sake is the leading role, but lunch is full of the class of visitors with "Koshihikari" of Minami-Uonuma Tokamachi as guide at night. We prick autumn limited low dining table with roasted saury, and approximately nine articles of side dishes to enjoy rice including yuzu miso of autumnal eggplant are included.

Chef doll Machida drunkenness Osamu Furukawa

As soup stock winding egg forms after receiving orders of low dining table, it is burning hot and is fluff. As rice is only advancing side dish, with another rice (Free), please taste to the full.

Chef Osamu Furukawa

Japanese / rice toko which enjoys sake Ningyocho Densui

From 11:00 to 23:15 (at LO foods 22:00 drink 22:30)
Lunch from 11:00 to 14:30
/ dinner from 17:30 to 23:15 (LO22:00)
Limited lunch
Offer Hours of menu: From 11:00 to 14:30