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British lifestyle fragrance brand "Joe Malone London" that had colon to wear in the body and luxury bus & home fragrance that you could use at home abundantly, and established new way of thinking called "fureguransukombainingu ™" which made flavor only for oneself (stack pickles of flavor).
You choose favorite flavor in "tasting bar ™" in store and can enjoy combination of various flavor to suggest by season. You can actually enjoy experience of flavor to put on body objection of flavor that had you choose in hand & arm treatment or body & hand lotion and the top on skin.
In addition, gift of Joe Malone London is chosen as gift of on Christmas and thanks all over the world on wedding and birthday. One article that we chose among casual gift for special person. I wrap beautifully and hand all products to creamy gift box which is icon of Joe Malone London.

  • Rare Tea Collection
    Rare Tea Collection

    Fragrance collection of the brand highest peak. Longed-for rare tea which is too precious to drink. In search of rare tea appropriate for Joe Malone London, as for the inspiration, hilly areas of Japan reach China, the Himalayas and many divergences. Hand picks one sprout carefully each. Rare tea which is harvested by traditional technique. Fusion of two world's oldest traditions, fragrance and tea. We arranged tea and craftsman ship of fragrance for several hundred years in contemporary style. Essence of six kinds of rare tea in nothing. Bottle filled with brightness with a feeling of scale wraps up one with beauty full of sense of quality each. Collection only in store is developed in Roppongi. 75 ml of size comes up from Friday, April 7, 2017, too.

    Silver needle tea colon, Darjeeling tea colon, Jade leaf tea colon, Woo Ron tea colon, midnight black tea colon, Golden needle tea colon
    175 ml of for each 43,000 yen (tax-included 46,440 yen)
    75 ml of for each 26,000 yen (tax-included 28,080 yen)

  • Service

    We perform consultation such as help of selection of flavor that is Taylor maid based on "fureguransukombainingu ™" (stack pickles of flavor) or styling of flavor of room at any time. In addition, commencing with carved seal service of colon and home candle, gift suggestion in response to every needs is popular from present which is personal to wedding and corporate gift, too.

  • Just Because
    Just Because

    Joe Malone London wants to just value feeling to overflow. Moment when it is for whom, and easy feeling wells up. Even if it is not memorial day even if it is not birthday, it does not need to be holiday. Reason to give a present to in each one. Therefore it becomes thing filled with consideration. We attach card to be able to engrave hearty message into with gift of Just Because. We finish lapping with sticker attracting specially made ribbon and eye with pattern.

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