• Drawing supplies/stationery/others


It is assortment of goods in response to needs of creator including paper, panels, drawing materials, writing implements. Furthermore, support that file and portfolio for presentation of direct import in France are expensive from professional photographer and graphic designer. We cope with Nara in Roppongi area, delivery of special speed.

Category Lifestyle
Hours 10:00 - 21:00/ Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10 am-7 pm
Tel 03-3405-2821
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Handling product Notebook, file, printer paper, FAX roll, tape, packing tape, seaweed, whiteout, tape, oil colors, picture in watercolors paint, acrylic paints, illustration board, sketchbook, harepane, styrene board, presentation board, panels

Handling brand

Plastic Paris, Muses, Maruman & Co., richitekkusu, horubein, pilot, pen Teru, zebra, KING JIM, Lihit, auto

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