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Baccarat Shop Roppongi

Shop of "baccarat" founded in 1764 by cause France Lorraine district of the authorization of Louis XV. From chandelier brightening space gorgeously to glass, biju (accessories), we suggest lifestyle that is total full of glitters of crystal. Furthermore, bar "B bar" which we can experience adds glass of baccarat. In "baccarat shops Roppongi" and "B bar Roppongi where crystal sparkles with dramatic expression," please thoroughly enjoy "Luc's" (ze;zei) of adult.

  • TOKYO 1878 tumbler "Fuji"
    TOKYO 1878 tumbler "Fuji"

    In Paris World Exposition of 1878, many works of Japonisme was appreciated, and baccarat won the grand prix.
    This tumbler designs based on drawing of work at the time of 1878 saved to archiving of baccarat. The sun and the mountains of Fuji, two cranes flying in a grand manner are described in sandblast in dynamic wave and background to hark back to ukiyoe print of Hokusai.

    TOKYO 1878 tumbler "Fuji" 25,000 yen (tax-excluded)

  • Glass Japan
    Glass Japan

    "Glass Japan" which baccarat developed for lifestyle of Japan increased latest "fiora". Slim cut letting you feel new seasonal sprouting is given and is design which matches dining table of the sum.
    We perform tasting using "glass Japan" in shops until the end of June. Please come to the store at this opportunity.

  • Mom tumbler, daddy tumbler
    Mom tumbler, daddy tumbler

    In simple form that beauty of crystal stands out, "congratulations with cute illustration of mom and daddy each on day of mom!" Design which we made message "which congratulations on day of daddy!" on in sandblast. Clear brightness of baccarat conveys sincere love and thought of thanks that are not readily usually conveyed.

    Mom tumbler / daddy tumbler for each 15,500 yen (tax-excluded)

  • fioratambura 2018
    fioratambura 2018

    "fiora" which was named by Italian to mean "flower."
    It is design which slim cut letting you feel state that pretty petal opens and new seasonal sprouting was put for.
    The name of an era of "2018" engraved into the bottom of the glass is memorial more in time of blessing in bright departure; get.

    fioratambura 2018
    Two sets set 13,000 yen (tax-excluded), one set of 6,500 yen (tax-excluded)

  • Bonn Joule Versailles
    Bonn Joule Versailles

    Philippe Starck who is baccarat and world-famous creator, the new collaboration "Bonn Joule Palace of Versailles" with lighting brand "floss." "Bonn Joule" which floss dealt with lamp met the candlestick "Palace of Versailles" which continued shining as icon of baccarat from the 19th century and was born.

    Bonn Joule Versailles lamp
    L 280,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    S 120,000 yen (tax-excluded)

  • My chateau baccarat set
    My chateau baccarat set

    Glass collection of wine "chateau baccarat" to draw flavor and taste that are complicated, and are rich, and are delicate surprisingly. We condensed the charm and selected four glasses of tumbler with wineglass, champagne of big things and small things and the same function. It is perfect set which can enjoy every drink only by this. Signature of baccarat is big size and is carved a seal in glass.

    My chateau baccarat set
    29,000 yen (tax-excluded)

  • Mini-Medici

    New item "mini-Medici." Light to go through pyramid-shaped crystal shows soft, refined brightness by mirror processing of base and the cutting.

    Four colors of "mini-Medici" development
    Long necklace pink mirror 139,000 yen (tax-excluded), necklace clear mirror 105,000 yen (tax-excluded), bracelet pink mirror 59,000 yen (tax-excluded), You & Me ring pink mirror 49,000 yen (tax-excluded)

  • bakarapamariere-nu doh...
    bakarapamariere-nu do taiyakku

    New item of baccarat and collaboration collection with Mary Helene do taiyakku. Delicate cut is made on crystal which got inspiration by drop type parts of chandelier.

    bakarapamariere-nu do taiyakkugutto do kururu
    Necklace multicolored 250,000 yen (tax-excluded), ring green 140,000 yen (tax-excluded), pierced earrings rouge 160,000 yen (tax-excluded)

  • Beckoning cat red octoGon
    Beckoning cat red octoGon

    Lucky item causing light and "beckoning cat" of baccarat winning popularity as gift to give light.
    Design that latest "beckoning cat red octoGon" attached red octagonal parts (octoGon) to cat of clear crystal. This octoGon imaged one thing attached to on chandelier of baccarat by all means. Red crystal only by baccarat shines beautifully.
    Furthermore, it is new "beckoning cat" which seems to cause good luck.

    Beckoning cat red octoGon
    50,000 yen (tax-excluded)

  • Eye base square blue
    Eye base square blue

    "Eye" which Nichola avian bath designs. Flavor such as modern architecture that shape to spread towards the top from bottom harks back to expression of perspective, and is dynamic. Cool blue-collar is the same let alone enjoying coordination with plant; like modern art of interior accentuate.

    Eye base square blue
    S 118,000 yen (tax-excluded)
    L 300,000 yen (tax-excluded)

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