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Mineral-rich salt and specialty store of body care cosmetics and bus product which combined Israeli rich plants including mud which were gathered from the Dead Sea. We install "water STAND" which craftsman of sacred place Jerusalem makes to have you make a try of product in shop of luxury that installed chandelier and antiqued furniture in basic tone in white and mahogany and atmosphere that calmed down. From small child to adult, we offer nature and product which you can use in peace good for your health.

  • Body scrub (600 g) 5,093 yen...
    Body scrub (600 g) 5,093 yen (tax-included 5,500 yen)

    It is body scrub only using salt of the Dead Sea for scrub. By deep scrub effect brought with macadamia, almond, pachuri, lavender, blessings of nature including oil of soybean, we finish on skin of smooth "crane crane" like silk. The blood circulation promotes skin that old keratin was removed by moderate massage effect of scrub more. We are tightened and hit translucency without dullness. Abundant mineral which salt of the Dead Sea was clogged up with lays vitality on skin which we polished up and leads to the firm youthful bare skin.
    Variation is lavender apple, lemon mint, pachurirabendabanira, fatty pick, vanilla coconut.

  • Shower oil (500 ml) \ 3,14...
    Shower oil (500 ml) 3,148 yen (tax-included 3,400 yen)

    Though we want to remove dirts well, we want to moisturize! It is oil-based unique cleansing treatment which is good to you who are greedy. We remove sebum and dirt of the depths of pore by good-quality pachuri oil and power of nature by lavender oil. Furthermore, we direct luxury, smooth skin by salt of the Dead Sea tightening skin, and raising humidity retention power. Though it is oil, please enjoy the surprising ARATA touch to bubble well.
    Variation is ginger orange, lavender, lemon basil, musk, pachurirabendabanira, vanilla.

  • Body lotion (200 ml) 3 yen,...
    Body lotion (200 ml) 3,426 yen (tax-included 3,700 yen)

    While body lotion of sabon is light usability, we can taste durable smooth skin. Both heart with comfortable flavor and body are lotions for exclusive use of body which can be relaxed. You pick up in small quantities, and please use to let you be familiar with clean skin after cleaning well.
    Variation is carrot, ginger orange, lavender apple, lavender Rose, pachurirabendabanira, vanilla.

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