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Private collection of heavy Tomohiro Ozawa which kept on spending time, and being concerned. We perform costarring with domestic and foreign artists without permitting compromise in all clothes, picture, the music. Work that designer oneself selects carefully on chest, and challenge to "supreme" "ultimate" is built as "one consecration" exists as clothes "of" one and brings uplift and impression to person wearing. Item that the country, Europe is constituted by supreme material which there is in all the countries of the world at the start, beautiful material chosen necessarily is limited amount production and special collection that only person who it is, and shared sense of values of this brand can experience. "Historical brand" and many developed sessions announced irregularly are rare, and they are brought about as bold work by overwhelming plan contents becoming first "in" history. In addition, other than existing collection, exclusive custom tailoring suggested only to chosen user exists and develops VIP collection mainly on leather tailored item.

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