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In Lego ® school, will of learning develops lesson to increase in curriculum which we matched with Lego company's original education system for stages of development, small number of people system lesson by instructor of Lego Corporation authorization. By "Learning by Making" Lego company's original education system, we draw potence of children through experience to make Lego ® block for the teaching materials what it is. Although "Playful Learning" is a pleasure, we bring up power that children think about, rich imagination. "Let it flow" children experience "pleasure" of thinking. "Open-ended" answer goes by opening end method that is not one.

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We guide in the following URL in schedule of spring special course, summer special course, winter special course. http://www.image-n.co.jp
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We are accepting application for trial lesson at any time! Because we can experience in class opening a course in, we understand atmosphere of school well. ※Need reservations

Global curriculum

3+ my world
We open interest, interest in person and thing around the curriculum (target class born in 2013/4/2~2014/4/1) body from young child and discover quality of oneself different from person and grasp relations construction with oneself and person and the neighboring world. We deepen understanding of oneself and relationship with the world and offer lesson to raise self-power of expression that showed individuality.
4+ my world Discovery
Through curriculum (target class born in 2012/4/2 - 2013/4/1) one year from child, we always widen interest in social environment and deepen understanding to communication to work in cooperation with person. In addition, we offer lesson to raise adaptability that observes thing, and can show individuality depending on the basics of comparison, mathematics to classify and environmental change, more correct self power of expression.
5+ my world adventure
We bring up rich originality while taking a trip to curriculum (target class born in 2011/4/2 - 2012/4/1) reality and dreamworld from older child. Learning such as the history or figure, the dynamics widens interest to various fields in spite of being the harvest and offer lesson raising power to achieve aim while cooperating with ability and person embodying own thought and experience.
6+ my world invention
We learn curriculum (target class born in 2010/4/2 - 2011/4/1) physics, mathematics from first grader and basic concept of technology naturally. We take in gear and accelerator, technical term including liver while understanding work and structure and express thought with assembling, work using them. We offer lesson raising original idea and analysis power.
7+ world science
With story to attract curiosity and interest of curriculum (target class born in 2008/4/2 - 2010/4/1) children from elementary school 2.3 years student, we sense structure of familiar thing and theoretical way of thinking, mathematical viewpoint bodily using "Lego science & technology unit set" and offer curriculum which we can touch to see imagination and solution to the problem that we applied science to.
CC cord creator
We can acquire pioneer-like learning of not only programming but also engineering by lesson that sat astride wide fields such as lives of law and creature of physics using teaching materials WeDo2.0 which was coordinated to sense curriculum (target class born in 2008/4/2 - 2010/4/1) programming learning from elementary school 2.3 years student bodily more casually.
8+ world Robo Thich 1
Through theme varying in the teaching materials in Lego mind storm EV3 for curriculum (target class born in 2006/4/2 - 2009/4/1) education from elementary school 3.4 years student, we offer learning program worn in understanding or communication skill to social structure from basics of Robo Thich to the latest technology generally.

Setagaya / Oimachi / North Port mall Kohoku / Roppongi Hills / La La Port Fujimi original curriculum

2+ early brick class
Through "gokko play" and "original play that featured the theme of subject which mishuenji class (target class born in 2014/4/2 - 2015/4/1) is familiar to," we learn social basic matter and structure and raise communication power, power of expression. In addition, it is independent and offers lesson to feed posture to wrestle while enjoying that we thought by oneself by realizing joy that was possible in form.

[the number of the annual lessons] To 42 times [capacity] of 2+ - 6+1 year student to six one class more than 7+ - 8+2 year student to eight one class