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In Nissan Rental cars Roppongi Hills shop, we support your comfortable drive. To fuel-efficient car, no-smoking car, compact car - special vehicle including ETC deployment car, we have abundantly.

Category Other service
Hours From 8:00 to 20:00
Tel 03-5786-1623
Hills card The outside that is targeted for point
Store site

http://nissan-rentacar.com/ Outside site


Main class and Fees

P1 class
March six hours base rate: 5,670 yen (tax-included), 5,385 yen (tax-included) ... (23baud eggplant club Fees)
P4 class
tida, ratio six hours base rate: 6,804 yen (tax-included) (the public), 6,463- yen (23baud eggplant club Fees)
P9 class
It is base rate for six hours such as fugue, Fairlady Z: 16,200 yen (tax-included) (the public), 11,340 yen (tax-included) ... (23baud eggplant club Fees)
W4 class
Selenasix hours base rate: 14,256 yen (tax-included) (the public), 12,830 yen (tax-included) ... (23baud eggplant club Fees)
W6 class
ELGRAND six hours base rate: 17,388 yen (tax-included) (the public), 12,171 yen (tax-included) ... (23baud eggplant club Fees)
RV1 class
X-trail, duarisu six hours base rate: 9,720 yen (tax-included) (the public), 8,748 yen (tax-included) ... (23baud eggplant club Fees)
  • ※All the Fees includes consumption tax.