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In Europe and America type drugstore "Tomod's (Tomod's)," we have pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, supplement which are indispensable to everyday life. As pharmacist is resident, we cope with prescription compounding of medicines of various medical institutions. It is "usableness" and reliable drugstore with "consultation function of the beauty and health".

  • (the left) Obagi platinum is draw...
    (the left) obajipurachinaizudoroshon (the right) obajipurachinaizudomasuku five pieces

    (the left) obajipurachinaizudoroshon 150 ml 5,000 yen (tax-included 5,400 yen) (the right) obajipurachinaizudomasuku five pieces 6,000 yen (tax-included 6,480 yen)
    As platinum nano colloid included in obajipurachinaizudo continues removing active oxygen semipermanently, there is characteristic that it is high in anti-aging effect.

  • bioderumasanshibio H2OD 125m...
    bioderumasanshibio H2OD 125 ml, 250 ml

    bioderumasanshibio H2OD (from the left) 125 ml 1,500 yen (tax-included 1,620 yen) 250 ml 2,800 yen (tax-included 3,024 yen)
    Skin care brand of sensitive skin which French dermatologist supports most.
    Cleansing water to drop until waterproof eye make properly quickly without giving skin stimulation is the first popular item.

  • APS foot scrub, APS futtoku...
    APS foot scrub, APS foot cream (120 g)

    APS foot scrub (120 g) 1,200 yen (tax-included 1,296 yen) APS foot cream (120 g) 1,300 yen (tax-included 1,404 yen)
    Foot care series of ARATA custom self-beauty treatment salon "APS" to begin with step. It is natural scrub that we leave foot cream and help that combined shea butter abundantly, and keratin can remove.

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Hours From 8:30 to 22:00, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 11:00 to 21:00 (reception hours of prescription: on weekdays for from 10:30 to 19:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on holiday)
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