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First Japanese gino direct management salon "ginoansutiteyupari Roppongi Hills shop" is hideaway salon in KEYAKIZAKA. Among antiqued furniture, you can receive treatment in a certain sense of quality salon to tempt customer into the European world. Please sense ginotoritomento which made treatment menu which is popular among many women even with richness oriented to result bodily. Treatment offers facial, body, bust treatment and bridal menu.

  • ronguviomu 50 ml 6,000 yen...
    ronguviomu 50 ml 6,000 yen (tax-included 6,480 yen)

    menzugino is skin care series to give vitality on skin of man.
    Anti-aging item for Men's which 56 kinds of active ingredient complexes promote skin cell reproduction, and creates healthy skin.

  • ginonyuwaitoshirizu

    Line of new whitening of gino.
    We approach "stain which there is now" and "future stain". ginoorijinaru ingredient derived from plant which is gentle on skin leads even strong whitening power to translucent skin.

    (photograph: from the left)
    roshonnyuwaito 200 ml 4,500 yen (tax-included 4,860 yen)
    uirudemakyannyuwaito 200 ml 4,500 yen (tax-included 4,860 yen)
    kuremujurunyuwaito 50 ml 12,000 yen (tax-included 12,960 yen)
    demakyannyuwaito 200 ml 4,500 yen (tax-included 4,860 yen)
    kuremunyuinyuwaito 50 ml 12,000 yen (tax-included 12,960 yen)
    masukunyuwaito 40 ml *7 piece 10,000 yen (tax-included 10,800 yen)
    nyuwaitofomu 150 ml 4,500 yen (tax-included 4,860 yen)
    konsantoreseramunyuwaito 15 ml 7,000 yen (tax-included 7,560 yen)
    seramunyuwaito 25 ml 12,000 yen (tax-included 12,960 yen)

Category Beauty health
Hours From 11:00 to 21:00
Tel 03-3405-6999
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Facial treatment
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Body treatment
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