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Roku Roku

Sushi of fascination that Japan's original sense of beauty and originality bring about

Japanese sushi culture that has been brought up by honest craftsman having selected ingredients and certain arm. We run after season and stock fresh seafood and put work carefully while making use of characteristic of fish including light flavor and sharp fat. It is sure that it is pleased with foreign guest as for the sushi produced by sense of beauty and originality only in Japan. In conformity to sushi, we have sake and white wine which we ordered from national brewing, a lot of champagne. Space that arranges anchiishi and running water around sushi counter cut and brought down by one Yoshino hinoki, and the shop is like opening, and is bright. There is first sum terrace in private room and sushi restaurant in Tokyo, too.

Store information

To preference of guest, we grasp season

Parrot bass full of medium-sized gizzard shad which delicately changed vinegar by thickness of domestic tuna and body of refined red meat which you could turn on the year, flavor of beach......It is Masato Furuya of "Roku Roku" chef that grasp sushi which is in best state to season and preference of guest. We examine production center and brand every year, and vinegared sushi rice blends to match sushi. We add ume vinegar and plan grip, harmony with sushi topping slightly hard. A lot of healthy Japanese menus which took in vegetables abundantly prepare mainly on fresh seafood as well as grip.

  • Early-morning business
  • Lunch
  • Late night service
  • Tea yl
  • Kids
  • Private room
  • Pets entering a shop is possible
  • Takeout
  • Non-smoking
  • Terrace seat
Category Japanese, sushi
Area Grand Hyatt Tokyo 6F
Hours Lunch 11:30 - LO 14:30 (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays LO 15:00) / Dinner 18:00 - 21:30
Tel 03-4333-8788 (directly)
The number of seats 60, terrace 14 in shop
Mean budget 10,000 yen - 15,000 yen
Hills card It is targeted for Hills Point object / credit point (1%)
Store site

https://www.tokyo.grand.hyatt.co.jp/restaurants Outside site


Foreign language menu: English

Reservation: Possible

  • We charge 15% of service charges separately.
  • Terrace, private room are smoking permitted
  • One private room (14 seats)