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A time when we are elegant with delicious chocolate

Crystal of balance of originality to be able to taste only here feeling between before the last lingering sound disappearing from moment when we were able to enter entrance. Creation that was succeeded to by Nichola kurowazo where it was current chef patissier chocolatier than founder Robert ranks praised with "magician of ganache", and it had M.O.F. (the French national best craftsman chapter) toward. Takeout is made, and, in bright shop, salon which we want to use between shopping adds chocolate of such a gem. Other than eclair and slightly vanilla-flavored shokorashoo clogged up with thick cream, we can enjoy favorite bonbon do chocolate and champagne. With one art, let's spend a substantial time.

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Intention and passion without compromise evolve into chocolate of person grain

"Bonbon do chocolate" meaning one chocolate can purchase taste you like from one from thing which is plane to fruit and nuts-flavored thing using cacao of various production centers. In addition, eclair which heavy cream fully entered to Shoo that macaron, the outside clogged up with melty truffle and smooth ganache in mouth were elastic during crunch is popularity. As for the preparation for anturume various from basic chocolate cake to seasonally limited article.

  • Eclair (chocolate, cafe...
    Eclair (chocolate, cafe, caramel) 625 yen (tax-included 675 yen)

    Chocolate, caramel, eclair of three kinds of coffee which Shoo was crunchy, and thick cream fully entered inside. Eclair of chocolate, fragrant caramel flavor and with thick ganache cream flavored with slightly bitter coffee is special dish of popularity in Paris.

  • anturume (chocolate Kay...
    anturume (chocolate cake) 700 yen (tax-included 756 yen) ...

    We offer a lot of from basic chocolate cake to seasonally limited article.

  • A lot of macarons 2 yen with ganache...
    A lot of macarons 250 yen (tax-included 270 yen) with ganache

    As for the macaron only in store specializing in chocolate, all kind ganache is put in the contents of crunchy macaron dough. 11 kinds of macarons in total can enjoy ganache that wind seasoned various material such as Bourbon vanilla, pistachio, lemon beer, passion fruit, franc Boise, caramel, coffee, ganache which, huh, can feel flavor of zerunattsu and powerful cacao as macaron.

  • Tart chocolate 650 yen (tax-included 7 yen...
    Tart chocolate 650 yen (tax-included 702 yen)

    Tart with heavy dark ganache.

  • Mousse o chocolate 650 yen (tax...
    Mousse o chocolate 650 yen (tax-included 702 yen)

    Taste that is heavy while finishing in light taste, and is rich.

  • Tiramisu 650 yen (tax-included 702 yen)
    Tiramisu 650 yen (tax-included 702 yen)

    Mascarpone light softly and coffee & cacao-flavored screw Cui.

  • Play L (with fresh cream) \...
    Play L (with fresh cream) 575 yen (tax-included 621 yen)

    Gateau chocolate which is full of flavor of almond poodle which used chocolate luxuriously.

  • Quatre curl lemonade (straight chestnut...
    Quatre curl lemonade (with fresh cream) 575 yen (tax-included 621 yen)

    Pound cake which is full of flavor of lemon beer.

  • Chocolate show (guwayakiru...
    Chocolate show (guwayakiru, Andalucia) 900 yen (tax-included 972 yen) ...

    Chocolate show (guwayakiru, Andalucia) 900 yen (tax-included 972 yen) ...
    After all drink of one push is chocolate drink in cafe of store specializing in chocolate. Two kinds of chocolate shows that is popular in whole year. With "guwayakiru" of slightly vanilla-flavored hot chocolate slightly "Andalucia" of hot chocolate of lemon flavor.

  • go wa in the bloom of ice cream & sorbet...
    Ice cream & sorbet assortment 1,200 yen (tax-included 1,296)

    Please prefer two of preference to three kinds of ice cream (chocolate, caramel, bunny hot water) and one kind of sorbet (franc Boise).

  • eferubeson 1,500 yen (tax-included 1 yen...
    eferubeson 1,500 yen (tax-included 1,620 yen) ...

    Set which can enjoy buryutto reserve of Champagne maison "titanjie" or non-alcoholic sparkling rose "1688" and two kinds of recommended bonbon do chocolate two in mariaju.

  • Coffee, tea 600 yen (tax-included 648 yen...
    Coffee, tea 600 yen (tax-included 648 yen) ...
  • Early-morning business
  • Lunch
  • Late night service
  • Tea yl
  • Kids
  • Private room
  • Pets entering a shop is possible
  • Takeout
  • Non-smoking
  • Terrace seat
Category Cafe bakery / sweets drink STAND
Hours From 11:00 to 21:00 (LO 20:30)
Tel 03-3478-7530
The number of seats 10 in shop
Mean budget - 2,000 yen
Hills card It is targeted for Hills Point object / credit point (on 2%, Sunday 3%)
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