• Homemade Cake Cafe


Atrium cafe that scenery of Mohri Garden is beautiful

Opening-like space where natural light that we are on the first floor, and one side became fitted with glass in the shop which it blew through to the sixth floor of TV Asahi fully pours into. We can relax leisurely while enjoying seasonal scenery of Mohri Garden projected by window. Pancake and baked confectionery that popular grand menu is homemade blend powder and bakes softly. At the time of events holding, we are renovated on menu which performed popular program and collaboration of TV Asahi such as animation and drama.

  • Cake set 850 yen (tax-included 918 yen) ...
    Cake set 850 yen (tax-included 918 yen) ...

    It is one article of cake you like and set of drink. Fruit roll that photograph bound fresh fruit with custard cream and fresh cream.

  • Citron tea 650 yen (tax-included 702 yen)
    Citron tea 650 yen (tax-included 702 yen)

    It is drink of the sum to do of sweet flavor that we put peel of citron in.

  • [takeout] A lot of cake 50 yen...
    [takeout] A lot of cake 500 yen (tax-included 540 yen) ...

    We have seasonally limited various cake including shortcake of strawberry which Sandoz made fresh cream and strawberry to sponge which we baked with moisture.

  • [takeout] A lot of drinks...
    [takeout] You can take a lot of drinks home with you.

    We prepare drink menu which is full of variety to be available in takeout in shop.
    Coffee 350 yen (tax-included 378 yen)
    Iced coffee 350 yen (tax-included 378 yen)
    Ice tea 350 yen (tax-included 378 yen)

  • [takeout] A lot of baked confectioneries ... ...
    [takeout] A lot of baked confectioneries - kurashikkumadi set

    [takeout] A lot of baked confectioneries (the photograph left) 160 yen (tax-included 172 yen) - kurashikkumadi set (the photograph right) 3,160 yen (tax-included 3,412 yen)
    French tradition cake which craftsman baked with feelings for material and the manufacturing method.
    In taste that let madi original esprit work, and was refined more.

  • Early-morning business
  • Lunch
  • Late night service
  • Tea yl
  • Kids
  • Private room
  • Pets entering a shop is possible
  • Takeout
  • Non-smoking
  • Terrace seat
Category Sweets drink STAND
Area HILL SIDE B2F/ TV Asahi 1F
Hours 10 am-7 pm (LO 18:30)
Tel 03-6406-2188
The number of seats 54
Mean budget - 2,000 yen
Hills card The outside that is targeted for point
Store site

http://www.butter-pancake.com/madu/ Outside site


Foreign language menu: English

Reservation: Possible

  • There is change of Hours at the time of events holding