1. Sandwich which plays spring

    From Friday, March 17, 2017 to Sunday, April 23

  2. Large Hermitage Art Museum exhibition Roppongi Hills Collaboration Menu

    From Saturday, March 18, 2017 to Sunday, June 18


    Every month last Friday

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Shops & restaurant news

The making of card stands of motif spring with Hama beads

With experience-based workshop stand of "Roppongi Hills spring festival 2017", we make the card stands of springlike rabbit motif using beads Hama beads which are close together with iron.

The date and time: Friday, March 31, 2017 15:00 ..., Saturday, April 1 12:00 ..., Sunday, April 2 12:00 ...
Target age: Around 4 years old (as for child protector companion, time required approximately 30 minutes)
Entrance fee: 500 yen (tax-included)
Capacity: 30 Friday, Saturday and Sunday are for each 75 people
Place: Roppongi Hills Arena (the TV Asahi side)

※It is no appointment necessary. You match with family, friend, and come.

Your no society, your fair

We hold "meeting of doll Machida drunkenness sake" this year.
The first "your no society." We wait for much application.

The date and time: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 from 19:00 to 22:00

In addition, we hold "your fair" to be able to enjoy liquor which we used in your no party during period.
Person who cannot participate, please come to the store on the day.

Period From Thursday, April 13, 2017 to Friday, April 21
Hours: From 17:30 to 23:15

Part-exchange campaign held Notifications

During period, we hold part-exchange campaign.
We exchange for "SPECIAL 1,000 yen TICKET" which is available in the case of shopping when you have disused women shoes bag. As for the ticket, up to four pieces are available about one shopping according to amount of money.
Specifically, please refer to store.

※Brand maker, state of trade-in does not matter.

From Saturday, April 1, 2017 to Sunday, April 30

Tiffany&Co. bridal fair

"Is it Tiffany&Co. bridal fair "WILL YOU? We hold ".
Is it bridal fair "WILL YOU of Tiffany&Co. in response to form of a great variety of love? It is various and, in ", has engagement ring and wedding bundling full of originality.
We offer wonderful privilege toward the request.
After reservation, we wait for visit by all means.

※Privilege is limited in number. Please note that it becomes the end as soon as we disappear.

From Saturday, April 8, 2017 to Sunday, April 23

The four metropolis which eats, and goes on a trip of Italy

We hold campaign titled "the four metropolis which eats, and goes on a trip of Italy" from March, 2017 to one year.
From Wednesday, March 15, 2017, we sell for each one article of spaghetti pizza which featured the theme of capital "Venice" of water.

Introduction of menu
"Spaghetti "vongole Velde" of spring vegetables and clams" 1,080 yen (tax-excluded)
"Pizza of blessing of the sea, lemon marinade" 1,380 yen (tax-excluded)

Spring ... [for a limited number] Inaniwa, clams udon 1,728 yen (tax-included) that it is fragrant, and there is

Flavor of soup and sea lettuce which we used present from the seasonal sea, soup stock of clams for luxuriously patronizes Inaniwa Udon now.
It is udon with full of flavor of beach feeling coming of spring.

From Saturday, March 18, 2017 to Friday, March 31

Tom Ford private collection

Private collections of Tom Ford were received.
It is very special model of a little handling stores-limited in the whole country using buffalo Horne having high rarity. It becomes the handling only for Roppongi Hills shop in Iwaki & Co., Ltd.
Please come to the store at this opportunity.

Kids collection

Brand KENZO of creative Paris presenting pleasure and collection full of vigor.
In events store for a limited time until Sunday, May 7, 2017, sweat shirt and T-shirt of popular icon "tiger" came up at kids size. Please enjoy coordinates that street of KENZO is chic in family.

Sizes available: From 3 years old to 12 years old

T-shirt 8,640 yen (tax-included), sweat shirt 15,120 yen (tax-included)

SAKURA party plan 2017

During period, we carry out "SAKURA party plan 2017".
Mori Salvatore Cuomo which can thoroughly enjoy original dish full of ideas of Salvatore at perfect location that can look at cherry tree and Tokyo Tower in front of garden. Home Naples can enjoy many casual grilled dishes let alone winning the pizza competition highest award pizza "D.O.C" of assent, too.

※Please refer for the details to store.

From Wednesday, March 15, 2017 to Monday, April 10

[period limitation] Yellow Chinese chive and xiaolongbao with scallop

Please enjoy refined taste of scallop that yellow Chinese chive and taste that flavor is high in were condensed.

Six 1,296 yen (tax-included)
Four 918 yen (tax-included)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - Saturday, April 15

Eye base square blue

From "eye which Nichola avian bath designed," blue of new color increased. Flavor such as modern architecture that shape to spread towards the top from bottom harks back to expression of perspective, and is dynamic. Is the same let alone enjoying coordination with plant; like modern art of interior accentuate.

Eye base square blue
S 113,500 yen (tax-excluded)
L 288,000 yen (tax-excluded)


Morocco presents ticket which the latest item hits including bag of camel motif clogged up with Moroccan goods by lot toward the purchase more than 5,000 yen (tax-included) in commemoration of collection appearance of theme during period. In addition, as for present and the drink service of cookies original on Saturday, March 18 toward the arrival by the first arrival. Please come to the store at this opportunity.

※Present should be finished as soon as we disappear.

From Saturday, March 18, 2017 to Sunday, April 2

Dinner course

■Chef selected course (appetizer / pasta / Maine * fish or meat) 6,600 yen (it includes tax, service charge)
With drink (three cups) 8,800 yen (it includes tax, service charge)
■Seasonal casual course (appetizer / pasta two kinds / Maine) 8,800 yen (it includes tax, service charge)
With drink (three cups) 11,000 yen (it includes tax, service charge)
■Classical course (appetizer assortment / pasta two kinds/ product black color Japanese beef fillet steak) 11,000 yen (it includes tax, service charge)
With drink (three cups) 13,200 yen (it includes tax, service charge)

※Reservation required
※It is with dessert bread coffee or tea in all courses

ceremony, style

We want you to wear wonderful clothes and shoes on day of fine weather of family. With such thought, we offered ceremony-style in ESTNATION. We feign style that was particular about material and silhouette to intellectual, refined woman. We made even with variation richness including setup and dress-like suit of tweed. Please enjoy new ceremony-style to cost special day in more particular.

Party image image

We accept the large small, various parties, drinking parties.

Beef Mahler sharp taste noodles 1,500 yen (tax-excluded)

Sharp taste soup noodles which represent Sichuan characterized by hotness that hotness that tongue of hemp mer = hanahajikami is fascinated by and tongue of * ra = red pepper tingle. Let alone beef, mutton fits well, too.

Gilt thread denim work pants

Denim underwear which we finished weaving in Roppongi Hills shop-limited, gilt thread.
32,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Hand-kneaded Bukkake soba

We sell every morning at store.
14 kinds of ingredients materials enter and are start of full-scale soba provoking appetite that is full of flavors.
Ingredients materials are long onion, green shiso, grated yam, egg yolk, sesame, Japanese ginger, cucumber, bits of fried tempura batter or reason, dried bonito, seaweed, okra, seaweed, wasabi.

Lunch 1,200 yen (tax-included), dinner 1,200 yen (tax-excluded)
※Lunch dinner is limited to 25 meals together

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 ...


nachuragurasse where they did not use such an ingredient of burden for 2,800 yen (tax-included 3,024 yen) skin, and all the raw materials were particular only about material of nature.
It is quality without worry even if we touch skin of baby.
We win Mond selection.


Roppongi Hills topics

Sandwich which plays spring

It was for a limited time and offered Roppongi Hills-limited sandwich in 17 restaurant cafes in Roppongi Hills this spring. Seasonal taste shares sandwich clogged up and does takeout while feeling comfortable weather, and please enjoy!

Large Hermitage Art Museum exhibition Roppongi Hills Collaboration Menu

The empress ekaterina second who built foundation of the Hermitage Art Museum, and led St. Petersburg to art and the capital of culture.
That she who collected famous art, jewels, ceramics of the world in palace which committed all kinds of ze;zei called meeting with small close friend with "small Hermitage".
Please enjoy set of dessert & drink made inspire for such an anecdote.

HILLS CARD Mastercard WEB enrollment campaign

Advantageous present of up to 2,000 yen equivalency is offered by person enrolled in to Hills card Mastercard (belonging to credit function) from WEB site during campaign period!
Please enroll in Hills card Mastercard at this opportunity.

Information for advantageous ginren card campaign

During campaign period, advantageous special treatment service is received when you use ginren card.
In addition, Japanese culture, gourmet, "Koto experience" only in Japan including fashion offer plan and menu which anyone can enjoy in target shops and restaurant a lot.

Hills premium happy hour

Premium Friday start! It is more advantageous by the last start early on Friday every month. We hold premium happy hour at restaurant & cafe 32 store. In addition, we present special treatment ticket of Mori Art Museum, Tokyo City View which limit is effective for on the day at store targeted for Roppongi Hills!

Guidance of West walk 4F Men's zone

We show around Men's zone mainly on high casual Men's fashion by Japanese designer and creator pulling the times.

Under recruitment of members of Hills card kids club! We offer privilege on birthday!

It is full of member-limited e-mail magazine and discount information including special treatment service when we have you enroll in kids club which you intended for toward the member of Hills card kids club where child who is lower than sixth grader comes to.
Please enroll at this opportunity!