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    From Saturday, July 1, 2017 to Friday, July 14

  2. 2017 fashion advance reservation & orders society in the fall and winter

    From Saturday, June 24, 2017 to Friday, June 30

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Shops & restaurant news

SCISSOR LACE DRESS 29,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Japan-limited special item appears for women collection from 2017AUTUMN WINTER season. Maxi length dress of cotton material which we made unique embroidery of paisley X scissors on. In atmosphere that finishes in A-line silhouette opening gently, and is nostalgic. Opened V neck directs a feeling of omission like this year to deepen.

Notifications of the Roppongi-limited item arrival

In response to request of all of you, pans of 30cm were received newly!
Color: Orange, cherry red, mat black
The list price: 46,000 yen Japanese yen (tax-excluded)

Furthermore, Japanese non-release model "Bona Appetit" 24cm is received in particular!
Color: Cherry red, white
The list price: 50,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Special pan which we put message "which you had in French a lot!" in.

Big size and rare colors are going to be received one after another in future. Don't miss it!


We display the latest collection in particular in 2017. Including "seed Weller reaching the 50th anniversary," we introduce "Cosmo graph Daytona" others equipped with "chierinimunfeizu" and oyster flextime bracelet, many new generation models of ROLEX to cathedral this year.

※Because of display sample, we accept only order on the day. In addition, there is model to become some orders exclusion. Specifically, ask the staff.

From Sunday, June 25, 2017 to Tuesday, June 27

Al cool blue button glass

Icon "Al Kool" of baccarat to continue from announcement more than 175 years. We put blue collar for decoration part of the stem which it featured in modern TOUCH. Refreshing blue which we made use of translucency of crystal in creates table by fresh brightness.

Two sets of Al cool blue button glasses set
103,000 yen (tax-excluded)

[period limitation] Three kinds of xiaolongbao of flavor summer vegetables

Vegetables are plentiful in sticky skin in the summer. It is xiaolongbao which taste and flavor spread through in mouth.
(corn / Japanese ginger / tomato & garlic)

Six 1,188 yen (tax-included)
Three 648 yen (tax-included)

From Thursday, June 15, 2017 to Thursday, August 31

Lunch course

Piccolo Menu 1,800 yen (tax-included)
You can choose appetizer, pasta, dessert from menu (with coffee)

Brianza Menu 3,000 yen (tax-included)
You can choose appetizer, pasta, main dish, dessert from menu (with coffee)

Chef's special Menu 5,000 yen (tax-included)
Selected course of all more than 8 chefs

※Lunch menu was changed from Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Introduction of menu for a limited time

We hold campaign titled "the four metropolis which eats, and goes on a trip of Italy" from March, 2017 to one year.
From Tuesday, June 6, 2017, we sell for each one article of spaghetti pizza which featured the theme of south Italy's greatest town "Naples".
Introduction of menu
◆"Spaghetti pomodoro 1,380 yen (tax-excluded) that carried rata" on board entirely from Italy
◆kaponata-style spicy pizza 1,380 yen (tax-excluded) of chorizo and summer vegetables


H.Arai original sole is used by Italy, calf-leather of thickness 1.5mm of GUIDI company.
It is best feel of a material, supreme a little that wears, and can promise feeling.

H.Arai X ATTACHMENT GUIDIFIORE 1.5mm PLAIN 95,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Quick shoeshine service

You can experience quick shoeshine service (2,500 yen (tax-included)) in Free when you have you purchase leather shoes more than 30,000 yen (tax-included) during period. Store-limited service that this polishes up shoes wearing on the spot. Please thoroughly enjoy shoeshine service of "maestro" performed by original cream and polishing.

- Friday, June 30 during holding

Information for ARATA menu

ARATA menu comes up on menu grander than Thursday, June 1 and weekday lunch menu!

・Smoked amatriciana cheese and crunchy bread crumbs hook of homemade panchietta
・Bollard and ario empty Sumi hook of seasonal vegetables from oriosarudinya
・Flavor ... of cream sauce - sea lettuce seaweed of prawns and mushrooms

We wait for visit.

[period limitation] We began cool air noodles "chilled kokukoma*々men".

"Delicious i!" "shibireru!" honkakushikawa*々men which worked of, China Japanese pepper.
We contribute "chilled kokukoma*々men 1,180 yen" (tax-excluded) as cold noodle only in period until the middle of July in this summer.
Please come to the store at this opportunity.

[for a limited number] Inaniwa water shield dried bean curds udon

Summer taste water shield of Moritake, Akita district. We have abundant vitamin and include dietary Fiber and we pick up hand carefully one by one and do low-calorie water shield, and adopt, and stand and ship directly with being fresh.
purun of water shield and texture that we did and natural sweetness attach opening straight dried bean curds and are-limited Inaniwa Udon at the present time when every soup stock can eat seasonal taste of Akita refreshingly.

1,600 yen (tax-included 1,728 yen)

From Thursday, June 1, 2017 to Monday, July 31

[Roppongi Hills shop-limited] Pajamas shirt

[Roppongi Hills shop-limited] Collage pajamas shirt
WHITE1-colored development
42,000 yen (tax-excluded)


It seems to be NOBLE, and item looking basic at a glance suggests various new wearing balance with soft material, detail which gave swelling, skin which we showed manfully. Please enjoy feminine-style of adult that power of shoulder was lost moderately.

Dinner course

■Chef selected course (appetizer / pasta / Maine * fish or meat) 6,600 yen (it includes tax, service charge)
■Seasonal casual course (appetizer / pasta two kinds / Maine) 8,800 yen (it includes tax, service charge)
■Classical course (steak of appetizer assortment / pasta two kinds /A5 rank chateaubriand or grilled ILBrio popularity) 11,000 yen (it includes tax, service charge)

※Reservation required
※It is with dessert bread coffee or tea in all courses

Beef Mahler sharp taste noodles 1,500 yen (tax-excluded)

Sharp taste soup noodles which represent Sichuan characterized by hotness that hotness that tongue of hemp mer = hanahajikami is fascinated by and tongue of * ra = red pepper tingle. Let alone beef, mutton fits well, too.

Gilt thread denim work pants

Denim underwear which we finished weaving in Roppongi Hills shop-limited, gilt thread.
32,000 yen (tax-excluded)

Hand-kneaded Bukkake soba

We sell every morning at store.
14 kinds of ingredients materials enter and are start of full-scale soba provoking appetite that is full of flavors.
Ingredients materials are long onion, green shiso, grated yam, egg yolk, sesame, Japanese ginger, cucumber, bits of fried tempura batter or reason, dried bonito, seaweed, okra, seaweed, wasabi.

Lunch 1,200 yen (tax-included), dinner 1,200 yen (tax-excluded)
※Lunch dinner is limited to 25 meals together

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 ...


nachuragurasse where they did not use such an ingredient of burden for 2,800 yen (tax-included 3,024 yen) skin, and all the raw materials were particular only about material of nature.
It is quality without worry even if we touch skin of baby.
We win Mond selection.


Roppongi Hills topics

Roppongi Hills sale 2017 summer Saturday, July 1 start!

As sale holding shops is released on Friday, June 30; in fun!

2017 fashion advance reservation & orders society in the fall and winter

In Roppongi Hills, we hold advance reservation, order party of item in the fall and winter for six days of from Saturday, June 24, 2017 to Friday, June 30.

Hills premium happy hour

Premium Friday start! It is more advantageous by the last start early on Friday every month. We hold premium happy hour at restaurant & cafe 33 store. In addition, we present special treatment ticket of Mori Art Museum, Tokyo City View which limit is effective for on the day at store targeted for Roppongi Hills!

Guidance of West walk 4F Men's zone

We show around Men's zone mainly on high casual Men's fashion by Japanese designer and creator pulling the times.

It is advantageous in stub ♪ Complimentary services received with Roppongi Hills tickets (ticket stubs)

It is service that discount of 10% of use facilities OFF who only show ticket of the day in target restaurant & cafe, and are received or advantageous limited set menu are glad.

Kids guide

​You can enjoy Roppongi Hills with your children, with peace of mind. We welcome everyone to visit to enjoy a meal, shop, and make use of our services and facilities.

Under recruitment of members of Hills card kids club! We offer privilege on birthday!

It is full of member-limited e-mail magazine and discount information including special treatment service when we have you enroll in kids club which you intended for toward the member of Hills card kids club where child who is lower than sixth grader comes to.
Please enroll at this opportunity!