In addition to being able to read the press releases issued by Roppongi Hills, this site provides a guide for members of the press or mass media to gather material, take photos, and make films.

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About coverage, shooting application

When you perform shooting, coverage by duties purpose in Roppongi Hills, please get permission of Mori Building Co., Ltd. beforehand. In addition, permission of Mori Building Co., Ltd. is necessary when we publish photograph, picture, information of Roppongi Hills in various mediums. Please report to Mori Building Co., Ltd. Roppongi Hills PR.

Mori Building Co., Ltd. town management Division

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  • About trouble and every damage that occurred by we perform coverage, shooting in Roppongi Hills or placing information about Roppongi Hills in various mediums, Mori Building Co., Ltd. does not take responsibility for all.
  • In addition, I may decline publication when I hurt profit of Other Mori Building Co., Ltd. or Roppongi Hills when I might spoil economical profit and reputation, trust when property of publication contents or medium is unsuitable for image of Mori Building Co., Ltd. or Roppongi Hills or I might hurt.