Approach of 2014

We brought up Sendai-shi and collaboration Roppongi Hills product, rice and vegetables of Sendai-shi!

We did Sendai-shi and collaboration in 2014 and carried out various approaches through the year.

Nonglutinuous rice "Hitomebore" sticky rice "miyakogane!"

[the photograph left] State of May, 2014 rice-transplanting, [the photograph center] 2014 9 tsukiinekari rino state, state of [the photograph right] January, 2015 rice cake making

In rice-transplanting events which we held in May, we planted nonglutinuous rice "Hitomebore" and sticky rice "miyakogane". We cut rice in September, and rice which grew up well smoothly threshed and, in rice cake making events in the new year, was behaved to participant as rice cake and edamame rice.
"Musubimaru" or "military commander corps of sightseeing in Sendai, Miyagi PR character for show rushed to each events, too" and heaped up venue.

  • He/she lives in Roppongi Hills and is community events for families of work.

Summer KIDS' WORKSHOP "enjoy summer! Let's thoroughly enjoy edamame of fresh Sendai having just finished being produced"

[the photograph left] Of crop, [the photograph center] cluster of green soybean pick off [the photograph right] and is tried edamame

In KIDS' WORKSHOP performed in summer of crop and cluster of green soybean after picking off, and having experienced tori rio, tried edamame cooked by various seasonings.