Approach of 2013

Roppongi Hills product! We bring up rice and vegetables of Niigata-shi

We did Niigata-shi and collaboration in 2013 and carried out various approaches.

"Koshihikari" "koganemochi" "500 Mangoku"

[the photograph left] We cut rice in rice-transplanting, [the photograph right] September, 2013 in May, 2013 and are shown traditional arts in threshing, [the photograph right] September, 2013

In fine weather, a great number of people participated and carried out rice-transplanting of three kinds of rice of "500 Mangoku" of liquor rice in total in rice field where "koganemochi" of "Koshihikari" of nonglutinuous rice and rice cake rice was small in big rice field.
In addition, at vegetable garden, plantation experience of "Niigata soy beans" which is tradition, special product vegetables of Niigata-shi is held with a limitation of the number of people.
In September, we cut rice of three kinds of rice and, other than threshing, heaped up place while showing various traditional arts.

  • He/she lives in Roppongi Hills and is community events for families of work.

"It is fresh, and let's thoroughly enjoy delicious Niigata soy beans", and "/ "will saw sea bream car" summer workshop

[Photo] Workshop summer in August, 2013

Of crop experience and beetle of edamame "Niigata soy beans" which set copy in May keep; is conduct in one course.
Two copies made miniature of folk crafts "sea bream car" of Niigata with paperwork and pulled genuine "sea bream car" in the latter half and actually paraded in Roppongi Hills.