Approach of 2012

Roppongi Hills product! We bring up rice and vegetables of Kumamoto

We did Kumamoto and collaboration in 2012 and carried out various approaches.

"wasamon" and "snow rice cake of peak"

[the photograph left] We cut rice in rice-transplanting, [the photograph center, the right] September, 2012 in May, 2012 and thresh

In rice field which was small with nonglutinuous rice, we brought up rice cake meter in big rice field. Rice-transplanting is blessed with weather, and a great number of people participate. Of plantation and tea (guri tea) of tomato roasted, and held one lesson, and Kumamon of the best mascot in Japan came up, too. We harvested rice which grew up wonderfully in September.

  • He/she lives in Roppongi Hills and is community events for families of work.

Summer workshop "is Kumamoto workshop “ Kumamoto product materials, and let's make my chopsticks! ""

[Photo] Workshop summer in August, 2012

We make chopsticks using Kumamoto materials in the first half and carry out contest that how high can pile up building block play classroom and building block in the latter half.
Through workshop, it was valuable opportunity to convey importance of tree and meal.