Approach of 2010

Roppongi Hills product! We bring up rice and vegetables of Gifu, Gero-shi

We did Gifu, Gero-shi and collaboration in 2010 and carried out various approaches.

"We have Takayama" with "eyes of dragon"

[the photograph left] We cut rice in rice-transplanting, [the photograph center] September, 2010 in May, 2010 [the photograph right] and make rice cake in January, 2011

"Eyes of dragon" and rice cake rice from Hida Takayama which reached the birth tenth anniversary carried out rice-transplanting of "we have Takayama" this year under the fine sky in May.
We cut rice while gentle rain falls in the end of September and carry out threshing. Approximately 100 people experienced rice growing culture. When inekari riga started, it was the refreshing clear autumn sky, and participant was state of satisfaction, too. In addition, rice cake making was carried out in the end of January. By rice cake making, we carried out rice cake, behavior of mineral spring rice porridge and held flower rice cake decoration workshop at the same time.

  • He/she lives in Roppongi Hills and is community events for families of work.

"Let's learn summer workshop about rice "eyes of dragon" creature of Gero-shi"

[Photo] Workshop summer in July, 2010

We carried out creature observation, handmade toy work using material of village forest in workshop.
In addition, through "eyes of dragon," we were able to have you deepen understanding about Gifu, Gero-shi.

  • Cooperation: Gifu, Gero-shi, eyes of (shi) dragon