Approach of 2009

Roppongi Hills product! We bring up rice and vegetables of Akita

2009 is Akita and collaboration in commemoration of "the Akitakomachi birth 25th anniversary". We cut rice-transplanting and rice and deepened understanding about rice growing culture and nature of Akita through summer workshop.

"Akitakomachi" and "tatsukomochi"

[Photo] We cut rice in rice-transplanting, [the photograph center] September, 2009 in May, 2009 and make rice cake in threshing, [the photograph right] January, 2010

"Akitakomachi" which reached the birth 25th anniversary this year. We plant rice in May and carry out inekari rio in September. We did while Saturday, January 9, cold was severe, but, using rice cake rice "tatsukomochi harvested in Roppongi Hills rooftop garden," traditional rice cake making was performed grandly.
Kiritanpo hotpot which we made with nonglutinuous rice from rooftop garden was treated participant to other than freshly made rice cake.

  • He/she lives in Roppongi Hills and is community events for families of work.

We cultivate special product vegetables of Akita

We cultivate traditional vegetables of Akita and original kind. "Flavor five derivations (edamame) which we got tired" of and "edible cheeks enthusiast" who grew up in Roppongi Hills appear in TORAYA CAFÉ as lunch set for a limited time with direct marketing vegetables of Akita.

Natural observation society "will be idle with leaf"

We planned observation and the making of aspect using leaf under the theme of "leaf" on Sunday, June 21, but unfortunately were called off because of rain.

Summer workshop "will be idle with nature of Akita"

We take a rest in the summer on Sunday on Saturday, August 1 and 2nd and, as special plan, carry out workshop for parents and children. Firstly we asked about story about influence that there being various types of trees in forest, role, warming of the forest gave the forest. It is work thyme in parents and children using natural material of forest afterwards. We attached branch and nut of tree, shade of acorn and made form, and unique work including animal and insect was born.

  • Sponsorship: Mori Building Co., Ltd.
  • Cooperation: Akita
  • Vegetable garden project cooperation: TORAYA CAFÉ