Approach of 2008

Roppongi Hills product! We bring up rice and vegetables of Kyoto

We did Kyoto and collaboration that were environmental advanced prefecture in 2008. Through rice growing experience and workshop, we deepened understanding about influence that food culture and warming of Kyoto gave to rice field and creature.

"Koshihikari from Tango" and "shinhanenijumochi"

[the photograph left] May, 2008 rice-transplanting
[the photograph center] We cut rice in September and thresh
[the photograph right] January, 2009 rice cake making
  • He/she lives in Roppongi Hills and is community events for families of work.

We challenge cultivation of Kyoyasai!

Cultivation of Kyoyasai summer for from May, 2008 to July
Cultivation of Kyoyasai winter for from September to November

  • Collaboration plan with magazine "edu" of published by Shogakukan
    Primary schoolchild of 36 readers challenges cultivation of vegetables

We observe creature of rice and rice field

Observation society natural in August, 2008

  • It is events for parent and child and "edu" readers living in neighborhood of Roppongi Hills.

Spring opening garden

Open garden spring in March, 2009

  • During spring festival period, we carried out number of people-limited showcase in object toward the public period.
  • Cooperation: Kyoto
  • Vegetable garden project sponsorship: "edu child vegetable garden in Roppongi Hills" executive committee
  • Vegetable garden project cooperation: TORAYA CAFÉ