Approach of 2007

Roppongi Hills product! We bring up by rice and Fukui of Ise

In 2007, was performed in Roppongi Hills in February; had "pulled tree", and provide rice of isehikari by nogo relationship. We cut rice and, in rice field in the back, challenged cultivation of soba by cooperation of Fukui.

Traditional culture of isehikari and Ise

[the photograph left] May, 2007 rice-transplanting
[the photograph center] We cut rice in September and thresh
[the photograph right] January, 2008 rice cake making
  • It is community events which we intended for toward working, the residence in Roppongi Hills.

It is challenged cultivation and making soba of vegetables in winter

It is cultivated vegetables and Soba in winter for from September, 2007 to November

  • Collaboration plan with magazine "edu" of published by Shogakukan
    Primary schoolchild of 18 readers challenges cultivation and making soba of vegetables

Is it <mokuei kitoha?>

mokuei is traditional event in Japan ancient times when we received designation of immaterial folk cultural assets by event of important civic participation type in removal of a shrine event in major shrine year of anniversary. More than 500 years ago, citizen of Ise began with heart of godliness, and loads material to use when we build shrine by removal of a shrine newly onto mokueisha and we carry to precincts and can enter. We try that mokuei with the history more than 500 years was performed at place except Ise, Mie for the first time in history.

  • Rice field events cooperation: Ise-shi, Mie, Ise Chamber of Commerce and Industry, monkey Tabiko Shrine, JA Ise, company tough corporation
  • Vegetable garden events cooperation: Fukui