Approach of 2006

Roppongi Hills product! We bring up rice of Fukui

In commemoration of "the Koshihikari upbringing 50th anniversary," it is oldness of Koshihikari and Fukui and collaboration.
Through school in the rice field which we carried out in rice-transplanting and summer vacation, we deepened understanding about rice and rice growing.

"Koshihikari" and "kaguramochi"

[the photograph left] May, 2006 rice-transplanting
[the photograph center] We cut rice in September and thresh
[the photograph right] January, 2007 rice cake making
  • It is community events which we intended for toward working, the residence in Roppongi Hills.

School in the rice field

Observation of July, 2006 ear of rice
Flower of August, 2006 rice, creature of rice field, observation of rice

We cut rice-transplanting and rice and we observe environment of the circumference where rice and rice grow on and, in addition to experience, deepen understanding.

  • Cooperation: Fukui