Rooftop garden activities

We experience nature of city and Japanese culture

For the purpose of having you feel Planting vegetation promotion in city and nature of city to be in Roppongi Hills closer, we perform various approaches on the stage of rooftop garden. It is made with rice and vegetables and helps the making of opportunity to think about thing, environment or food education to touch food culture and traditional culture in Japan through experiences such as observation of the animals and plants, and to get close to.

Approach in rice field

Closed rooftop garden provides opportunity of rice growing experience in object toward one, the work to live in Roppongi Hills and usually utilizes as place of community activity of Roppongi Hills.
In addition, it becomes place to experience Japanese culture by collaboration with the metropolis and districts, and to send.

Approach at vegetable garden

We challenge the making of vegetables at vegetable garden of 45 meters above the ground.
In 2007, 2008, we carried out workshop "edu child vegetable garden in Roppongi Hills" which experienced importance of "environment" and "meal" through green of city.

Opening garden

We usually arrange opportunity when you can sense closed rooftop garden bodily.

  • It is for a limited time, and not being set is held