The Rooftop Garden in Summer

In July, as the rainy season ends, we enter the heart of summer. The rooftop garden is hot during the day, but cool in the morning, and the vegetables grow quickly. The garden is awash in crepe myrtle blossoms. The gardens are filled with herbs and seasonal vegetables, and colored by a variety of flowers.

July: Living things of Shishido

In July 2003, fish, frogs, and other water creatures were brought from far-away Shishido in Ibaraki Prefecture. They imbue the paddy field of the rooftop garden with new life in July of each year.
Topmouth gudgeons (fish), loaches, (green) tree frogs, dragonflies, grasshoppers, Tokyo daruma pond frogs, and other creatures are found every year.

Grape arbor

A grape arbor has been constructed on the connecting bridge in Roppongi Hills. Lush, green bunches of young grapes delight passersby.