Life in Mohri Garden

Outer-space fish

On July 25, 2003, in front of nearly 800 friends and family, Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri released 10,000 medaka (killifish) to a new home in Mohri Pond. These “outer-space fish” were initially proposed in 1994 by Tokyo University Professor Kenichi Ijiri. These fish were part of an experiment conducted on board the US Space Shuttle Columbia by Dr. Chiaki Mukai, the direct descendants of the first vertebrate animals born in space.

It is prohibited to release these outer-space fish into rivers and streams or to interbreed them with wild medaka fish. It was possible to release the outer-space fish into the Mohri Pond because it is not connected to any external rivers or streams.

[Photo] Outer-space fish released into the Mohri Pond

Spot-billed duck parents and children

Since 2004, spot-billed ducks have been coming to Mohri Pond. It is not known where they come from, but they have become a familiar sight at Mohri Garden.

On May 29, 2004, the first spot-billed duck was discovered by a TV crew. After a while, chicks were born from pairs of spot-billed ducks, and the chicks began pecking at food from hastily-constructed shelters built for them. Passersby enjoyed watching the ducks, but before anyone knew it, 2 months passed and all the duck families disappeared from Mohri Garden. Each spring, people wait eagerly for the return of the spot-billed ducks to the pond.

[Photo] Chicks born at Mohri Pond in 2004