Children’s restrooms

Children’s restrooms with facilities of sizes and heights that are easy for children to use are provided to help visitors with children.

Area HILL SIDE B2F (in front of G elevator)
Use Hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Incidental facilities Toilet for boy, girl, hand-washing for child, change of clothes stand
Precautions and request
  • Please be careful not to take the eyes off child. Protector takes responsibility, and please note safely.
  • Please look after the following things that customers are comfortable and are usable.
    1. You make mutual concessions, and please use.
    2. Please throw away garbage in decided place.
    3. Please use cleanly.
  • Please refrain from smoking.
  • Please refrain from carry-on of Pets.
  • In the case of next, please contact Mori Tower synthesis Disaster Control Center (03-6406-6699).
    • When we discover suspicious-looking objects
    • When we have been damaged with facilities, equipment
    • When there is theft Other accident

We cannot take responsibility about accidents of theft, Other in this facility.