Family Room

The break room for parents and children is a space where parents and children can rest and relax comfortably and where parents can take care of their children, free-of-charge. Please feel free to use this room to rest from long walks and shopping.

Use Hours From 10:00 to 21:00
Main facilities Break corner, nursing corner, diaper exchange corner, milk formula device, microwave oven, playground equipment
Person who is targeted for the use Customer with child (0-6 years old)
Precautions and request
  • Protector attends by all means, and please use.
  • This facility is facility of Free to have customer with small child (0-6 years old child) take a break.
  • Only 0-2-year-old child can use baby area. Please refrain from the use of child three years or older.
  • Resident person in charge does not go down. On the use, I would like to speak to attendant of protector by all means.
  • Please refrain from carry-on of Pets (except person with a physical disability assistance dog).
  • Please look after the following things that customers are comfortable and are usable.
    1. You make mutual concessions, and please use.
    2. Please return thing which you used to original position.
    3. Please throw away garbage in decided place.
    4. Please use cleanly.
  • Please refrain from smoking, drinking.
  • In the case of next, please contact Mori Tower synthesis Disaster Control Center (03-6406-6699).
    1. When we discover suspicious-looking objects
    2. When we have been damaged with facilities, equipment
    3. When there is theft Other accident

We cannot take responsibility about accidents of theft, Other in this facility.