Facility use guidance


About the use of Roppongi Hills Arena, please see this.

Use rule

From application to contract establishment

  1. On application, please exhibit purpose, content of the use. Besides please note that I may decline the use by purpose of the use.
  2. Temporary relief pitcher accepts regardless of Saturdays, Sundays and holidays on weekdays, but should be up to one week. Depending on the situation, we may not accept.
  3. After filling out matter necessary for predetermined use application to send from us, it should be decision, contract establishment when we had you submit.
    When you cannot send back within ten days from use application sending, we may assume cancellation.

About payment of the venue fee for use

  1. About the basic venue fee for use

    Bill sends 1-1 in two of them of the money left over down payment (50% of venue fee for use), 1-2.
    1-1. You are expected to pay down payment within ten days from contract day.
    1-2. Please pay about the money left over up to 7 bank business days on use day before.

    • We would like total amount bank transfer on payment.
  2. About payment for miscellaneous expenses

    Please pay miscellaneous expenses such as the incidental facilities fee for use, overtime extension Fees based on payment bill after the payment for less than two weeks on the last day of the use.
    (in addition, the user side, please bear transfer fee.)

  3. Bank account

    Bank, branch name: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
    The transfer first branch
    Account No.: Account 9500214
    Name: Harpoon building (mosquito

Cancellation [cancellation] of application

  1. Cancelation cost occurs as we established for separate paragraph when we cancel use on account of the user side after the contract.
  2. It occurs separately from cancelation cost about the actual expenses caused at the time of cancellation of use.

Meeting before use

  1. Please perform meetings such as time schedule, venue constitution, lighting, sound, construction plan, guard plan with the venue person in charge if you finish contract of use.
  2. You finish the last meeting within ten days before use day and have you submit the last construction drawing, figure of training, electricity relations drawing, and please finish report to relations many official posts agency.

Report to many officials agency concerned

  1. Notification forms of act that might affect cancellation approval application, firefighting of report of fire prevention object beginning to use and prohibited acts in holding are necessary. As application paper prepares in arena management room, please submit necessary matter to the following fire department with the last working drawing after entry, sealing within ten days before use day
    (Azabu fire department) Tel: 03-3470-0119
  2. When it seems that it is necessary to plan security inside and outside the venue, you contact the nearest police station (traffic section, the Security Division) beforehand, and please ask for cooperation.
    (Azabu police station) Tel: 03-3479-0110
  3. When we hold events which eating and drinking are accompanied by, report to public health center may be necessary.
    (all Minato-ku and public health center) Tel: 03-3408-6146

Designated supplier and observer

As we appoint lighting, sound supplier for safety management, please give me order. In the case of the use, call of designated supplier is necessary in outside suppliers.
(please refer to list of charges separately.)


  1. Managerial responsibility
    • As you have all user take responsibility as well as the user about accident that occurred during period of service even if it is act of supplier and visitors concerned, please make sure of accident prevention.
    • About venue and the guard to carry in and out, you place member of trust to designated security firm or guard charge in responsibility of user according to instructions of the operational management person in charge, and please act for prevention such as traffic control, crowd control, theft, fire, accident.
  2. Immunity from responsibility and compensation for damages
    • As for theft, the damage that they occurred in the facility during period of service, we do not take all responsibility about all accidents.
    • When you damage facility, facilities, equipment during period of service or you are lost, please bear the actual expenses.
  3. Restitutio in integrum and cleaning management
    • You go on the user side, and we check restitutio in integrum and cleaning of use facility at the time of the facility use end. In addition, please use our designated supplier when special cleaning accompanied with holding is necessary.
  4. Limit of use
    • I decline rental in any of the following items. In addition, we may cancel cancellation, the use of reservation even if during sold, this facility use. As a result, we do not take all responsibility even if any damage may occur to user.

      When it is against public order and morals

      When there is false mention to use application

      When we are related to politics, religious activity (but it is not the limit when we judge problem in particular that there is not by our judgment)

      When red light goes out of relevant ministries and agencies

      When we damage building, facilities and might let you do loss

      When we are confused around the next person from town and venue and may endanger

      When we do not obey use rule, instructions of manager

      When it is revealed applicant or user corresponding to antisocial power including gangs or that we have relations with antisocial power

  5. Instructions of Other
    • We transfer right of use or cannot make sublet.
    • During period of service, person in charge, please be resident by all means in venue.
    • Distribution such as notice, flyer of advertisements is limited to appointed place. Please receive approval of the facility person in charge beforehand.
    • Please refrain from smoking except appointed place.
    • When you might be damaged with our venue facility, equipment in time to carry, the operational management person in charge is responsibility and expense burden on user according to instructions of the technical person in charge, and please take good care of yourself by all means in floor, wall surface.
      In addition, please take good care of yourself by all means when fixtures thing or hardware are placed on the floor.
    • I would like construction, setting to be able to endure wind more than wind speed of 35m per second in setting of fixtures thing, drawing card kind. But please take correspondence that accepted the situation by design that sponsor considered in the responsibility safely as the number mentioned above is indication.
    • We have instructions in charge of we sound obey as there is volume regulation (85dB) from consideration to neighborhood, and, as a general rule, it is not possible for sound soup stock at after 20:00 p.m. (except a year but plural days).
    • Use of naked light in our venue, use such as alcohols, solid fuel causing fire are prohibited.
    • Prior to use, please confirm based on firefighting duty allotment list beforehand about position of fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, role of each staff, criticism course.
    • You clean on the user side after the end, and please take garbage home with you. In addition, we charge cleaning costs separately when we need cleaning especially.
    • This rule was set in September, 2010, and please note that you may change without notice.

Use of venue charges

Basic use Fees

  • Weekday 2,000,000- yen / day
  • (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) 2,500,000- yen / day
  • Basic lighting (ground light) and simple sound set (details attached sheet) is included in Fees.
  • Consumption tax occurs separately.

Training, removal day use Fees

  • Weekday 1,000,000- yen / day
  • (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) 1,250,000- yen / day
  • Consumption tax occurs separately.

Basic use Hours

From 9:00 to 21:00

Overtime extension Fees

200,000- yen / Hours

  • But it is said that the longest use Hours is from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Preparations, Hours of clearing are included in Hours of use.
  • When the deferred head is used outside basic use Hours, overtime extension Fees incurs.
  • Consumption tax occurs separately

Cancellation fee

  • Cancellation until 31 days before use day: 50% of use Fees
  • Cancellation after 30 days ago on use day: The use Fees total amount
  • The incidental facilities fee for use and engineering fees (personnel expenses) are not included in the use Fees mentioned above.
  • It occurs separately from cancelation cost about the actual expenses caused at the time of cancellation of use.
  • When we cannot hold by climatic condition that is not avoided, we provide consultation.

Venue facilities charges


  • Optional Fees (we include all work of construction removal)
    • Peripheral fence: One set of 150,000- yen
    • Color cone: One set of 20,000- yen
    • Network facilities optical line 100Mbps ※1:1 day 25,000- yen
  • This 1 number is constant indication of the maximum speed. Execution speed lowers by header information necessary for data transmission.
  • Consumption tax occurs separately.

Equipment specifications

  • Peripheral fence [H1,900 X W2,000 (gray color)]
    • Wall surface for slope is by for each eight pieces separately.
  • Chair [W500 X D500] for seat: 400 pieces
  • For more details, please contact the arena management room staff.

Lighting setup charges


  • Lighting machine parts costs: One set of 200,000- yen
  • Lighting, sound common use mobile control booth air stream (nothing): 80,000- yen

List of facilities

  • kahankatachokotaku (AVOLITES Pearl Expert (60) to pre-set): One
  • kahankatachoko unit (*12 time of 2kW road): Two (*6 time of 3kW road): One
  • Moving light (PC Turbo 700): Eight
  • Perlite 64 (1kWN): 36
  • Cutter spotlight (sauce four 750W): 19 degrees x six, 26 degrees x two, 36 degrees x four
  • Lower Horizont (LHQ-200W4 color): Five
  • Crank-type high STAND (H-1 .48m - 2.5m): Two engines
  • Temporary power supply
  • Single phase 3 line 100/200V 300A: Two engines, 100/200V 225A: Two engines
  • Ministry of 3 3 line 200V 150A: Two engines
  • Consumption tax occurs separately.
  • For more details, please contact the arena management room staff.

Sound facilities charges


  • Sound machine parts costs: One set of 300,000- yen

List of facilities

  • It is one one, Yamaha CL1 mixer Yamaha CL5
  • I/O rack Yamaha Rio3224-D: Three, Yamaha Rio1608-D: Two
  • It is ten speaker EAW KF730
  • It is four subwoofer EAW SB730
  • STAND monitor speaker UPA-1P: Four FR129Z: Four
  • Floor monitor speaker UM-1P: Four SM129Z: It is ten four MW12
  • It is six PLD4 .5:2 power amp QSC PL380
  • It is two CD CDP-D11
  • It is two MD MDS-E12
  • It is four hand type wireless microphone SHURE ULXD2/B58 Z16
  • It is four pin type wireless microphone SHURE ULXD1/Z16 ※Simultaneous use to four
  • Dynamic microphone BETA57A: 14
    It is four SM-57
    It is eight SM-58
  • Condenser microphone C414B-ULS: Four
    SM81-LC: Four
  • It is nine direct box TYPE-85
  • It is 26 microphone STAND boom ST-210
    It is 20 mini-boom ST-259
  • LAN cable DANTE CABLE: Four 100m, 10m four, 5m four
  • List of simple sound sets
    It is one mixer LS9-16
    EQ GQ2015A: One
    It is four SX3000 belonging to main speaker stands
    It is one MD MDS-E10/8
    It is one CD CDP-D11
    It is one amplifier PC3500
    Cable broadcasting microphone SM58SE: Two

  • Consumption tax occurs separately.
  • Simple sound set is included in the venue fee for use.
  • For more details, please contact the attached PDF or arena management room staff.

Sound, lighting staff personnel expenses

  • Operation rate charges
    • Sound, the lighting staff (chief): Person from \40,000-/ / day
    • Sound, the lighting staff (assistant): Person from \30,000-/ / day
  • Attendance charges
    • Lighting attendance charges: Person from \30,000-/ / day
    • Sound attendance charges: Person from \30,000-/ / day
  • Consumption tax occurs separately.

Free facilities

  • Long desk (W1,800 X D450 X H700) for meeting: 12
  • Chair for waiting room: 20
  • Pipe chair: 20
  • Large mirror: Four
  • 90 liters of refrigerators: One
  • Electric kettle pot: Two
  • Hanger rack: Three
  • For more details, please contact the arena management room staff.



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