Chocolate gift

We give jewel "of" brown, taste of supreme bliss

Scientific name of cacao which is raw materials of chocolate "Theobroma cacao." We have meaning called food of "God in Greek. In old days, it spreads out as luxury goods of the imperial family for many centuries in the West, and the taste that ticked away history cannot help enslaving modern us. From bonbon chocolate that the skill of chocolatier shines to bean toe bar, please find special taste to give important person.

  • Amount is limited
Jardin Parisian


Jardin Parisian
Four 2,187 yen (tax-included) (limited number: 1,200)
Nine 3,510 yen (tax-included) (limited number: 950)
16 5,400 yen (tax-included) (limited number: 200)

"That it is wrapped to be fragrant of activeness flower and fruit like long-established store of" Paris

New item theme of "LA MAISON DU CHOCOLAT" garden "of" Paris. Lemon and ginger taste fresh as for the heart-shaped chocolate. It keeps romantic flavor of others jasmine, orange, Linden.

<sale period> It is finished as soon as we disappear


A: Ocelot chocolate for each 1,404 yen (tax-included)
B: Le chocolate de Francais 1,296- yen 1,404 yen (tax-included)
C: S rial candy <the left> 1,512 yen (tax-included) <the right> 2,160 yen (tax-included)
D: You topic for each 1,512 yen (tax-included)
E: Fine & low six 3,564 yen (tax-included)
F: Fine & low for each 1,836 yen (tax-included)
G: Low hello for each 648 yen (tax-included)

We pay attention to chocolate and brand comment product of "first in Japan landing! "

It is for a limited time and chooses real chocolate which was particular about "low Harrow" of the first landing of the U.K. and cacao bean including Spanish "you topic". American "fine & low" is comment product only for "ESTNATION".

<sale period> Until Monday, February 16

LA BOUTIQUE de Joël Robuchon

Special dish "that the great master supervision of" French cuisine world is special

Bong bong 3,240 yen (tax-included) with six chocolate (limited number: 240)

Bonbon chocolate (mouthful chocolate) which was particular about balance, melting, flavor. Plain chocolate that extract of coffee beans is fragrant, red Rose & franc Boise, assorted caramel-flavored milk chocolate of three kinds of six.

Tablet chocolate 2,160 yen (tax-included) (limited number: in () nowaru 120, (lower) furyuiruju 80)

Plain chocolate of bitterness that the latest tablet chocolate is powerful, and is elegant and rich flavor. Another one kind offered white chocolate that strawberry and franc Boise to drift were with flavor of milk and vanilla.

<sale period> From Thursday, February 1 to Wednesday, February 14

Shoo truffle

Crème de la Crème

With six Shoo truffles
1,512 yen (tax-included)

We coat "Shoo with chocolate completely! "

One article full of originality only in cream puff specialty store which we filled Shoo with chocolate ganache and coated with chocolate more. Earl Grey, four kinds six including caramel to set.

<sale period> It is in the middle of from Thursday, February 1 to March

Organic chocolate terrine

ELLE café

Organic chocolate terrine
3,240 yen (tax-included)

Cake "of gluten-free which is healthy by" fashion

Chocolate terrine of gluten-free not to use wheat flour for is most suitable for gift to healthy-oriented person. It is taste that is fragrant, and is rich highly using organic chocolate and organic millet sugar.

Heart truffle
Roppongi Hills-limited


With five heart truffles
1,296 yen (tax-included)
(limited number: on 1st on ten)

Heart truffle "that liqueur of" Italy is fragrant

From Italian "Hills dull mat" which is quite popular with truffles which lam powder glistens with. Ganache which we kneaded Italian liquor including rimonchierro and amaretto into is suitable for adults although being cute visually.

<sale period> From Thursday, February 1 to Wednesday, February 14

Love cocoa


Love cocoa
1,058 yen (tax-included)

British handmade taste "that sense shines for" design, selection of material

Organic chocolate brand which great-grandchild of the founder of well-established chocolatier "CAD Valley" of the U.K., James CAD Barry launched in 2016. We win package prize and are chocolate which is most suitable for gift.

<sale period> Until Wednesday, February 28

Gateau chocolate bonbon chocolateRoppongi Hills-limited

Fiorentina Pastry Boutique

(the left) gateau chocolate 12cm 2,160 yen (tax-included)
(the right) bonbon chocolate 1,296 yen (tax-included)

Chocolate "of world class which wants to make gift to" favorite

New item of pastry team to boast of championship, receiving a prize career to at world Western confectionery meeting including mouthful chocolate that gateau chocolate full of sense of quality, franc Boise and coffee are fragrant with canned silver is prepared.

<sale period> From Thursday, February 1 to Wednesday, February 14

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