Special sweets

Sweet supesharite which blesses Saint Valentine's Day

In restaurant & cafe of Roppongi Hills, we offer special sweets of "Valentine-limited" until Wednesday on 14th from Thursday, February 1. Including lovely heart and motif of rose symbolizing Saint Valentine's Day, one article full of senses of fun to be able to enjoy in friend, families let alone lovers including supesharite which can fully enjoy chocolate together appears.

  • Amount is limited
With coolie that mousse rose of honey which shut in franc Boise is fragrantRoppongi Hills-limited

L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon

Mousse of honey which shut in franc Boise
With coolie that rose is fragrant
Prefix course <lunch 4,800- yen, an example of selectable dessert in dinner 5,200-> yen. As for prefix course of lunch 3,200 yen, order is possible for positive 700 yen

  • Service charge distinction

Surprise "that the course last overwhelmed in" beauty is sweet

Person plate which stacked cream of vanilla on screw Cui of tender chocolate, and expressed rose with mousse how. We drain sauce of raspberry right before we serve a ball. Attributive quality that is given as person plate of selectable dessert in course.

<offer Hours> Lunch 12:00 - LO 14:30 / dinner 18:00 - LO 21:30

Chocolate parfaitRoppongi Hills-limited


Chocolate parfait "chocolate Anju"
2,500 yen (tax-included)

  • Service charge distinction

Multi-duet "of" chocolate tasteful beautifully

One article to thoroughly enjoy chocolate with parfait, cake, various textures including crunch to the full. As teatime and dessert after a meal, we can order in one piece of article.

<offer Hours> 11:00 - LO 16:00

Warm chocolate cake vanilla ice cream from Tahiti Roppongi Hills-limited

Jean-Georges Tokyo

Warm chocolate cake
Vanilla ice cream from Tahiti
1,400 yen (tax-included)

  • Service charge distinction

Popular menu "that we are loved for a long time in "NY

When put knife, melty warm chocolate ganache from the inside; come. It is Valentine special version whom heart-shaped tuile was attached to to popular chocolate cake.

<offer Hours> Lunch 11:00 - LO 14:00 / dinner 17:00 - LO 21:30

sanvarentinoarafuragoraRoppongi Hills-limited

Mohri Salvatore Cuomo

1,000 yen (tax-included)

  • Ten meals of daily limitation

Glass dolce "that it is" strawberry Milky

Glass dolce which put compote of fresh strawberry, mousse of white chocolate, mousse of strawberry on several levels. Heart is healed with nostalgia by sour-sweetness that is Milky.

<offer Hours> From 15:00 to 23:00

Melty heart chocolateRoppongi Hills-limited


Melty heart chocolate
1,296 yen (tax-included)

  • Ten meals of daily limitation

Dissolve heart with "hot ganache; and"

It is dessert plate of fascination to dissolve gelato which we coated with chocolate of heart with burning hot ganache with gurammarunie, and to eat.

<offer Hours> From 11:00 to 22:00

Heart ValentineRoppongi Hills-limited


Heart Valentine
1,200 yen (tax-included)

  • Ten meals of daily limitation

"Crepe" in the bloom of "topic inevitable" height

Photograph brilliancy inevitable cute crepe that fully wrapped chocolate ice and whip cream in dough which we kneaded black cocoa into. It is pleasant to eat on others terrace in shop.

<offer Hours> From 10:00 to 22:00

Love berry pie Roppongi Hills-limited

Pie Holic

Love berry pie
594 yen (tax-included)

  • For each ten daily limitation

Pie "that" palm size is cute

Chocolate pie which store specializing in pies of California-style deals with. It is decorated pretty heart that we made with chocolate mousse and burize dough which flavor of berry covered by pie of 7cm in diameter.

<offer Hours> 11:00 - LO 20:00

Cookies cream puff of cocoa nibs Roppongi Hills-limited

Crème de la Crème

Cookies cream puff of cocoa nibs
421 yen (tax-included)

Premium Shoo "that" cacao is fragrant

Cookies cream puff which performed topping of super food "cocoa nibs". It is custard cream of Mizuho egg and twin Shoo of thick ganache cream.

<offer period> From Thursday, February 1 to Wednesday, February 28
<offer Hours> From 11:00 to 21:00

Valentine Cupcakes g

LOLA’S Cupcakes Tokyo

Valentine Cupcakes
540 yen - 648 yen (tax-included)

  • There is limited number in every day

Constant seller Cupcakes "that" Londoner loves

"Rollers Cupcakes" which sweets enthusiast of London cannot help loving. Limited menu that Valentine specifications displayed sugar heart and brownie to chocolate dough.

<offer Hours> From 11:00 to 21:00

Valentine empire sundae


Valentine empire sundae
1,200 yen (tax-included)

  • 20 meals of daily limitation

Wild parfait "to tickle" man's heart

Only store specializing in popular coffee has strength, and the flavor height of the espresso sauce is excellent. Have while performing dip of pudding and chocolate banana shake in rusk.

<offer Hours> From 11:00 to 20:30

Ravioli D Cuole white chocolate sauce gRoppongi Hills-limited


Ravioli D Cuole white chocolate sauce
1,620 yen (tax-included)

  • With 1 drink
  • Ten meals of daily limitation

"Cheese and chocolate, costarring" of strawberry

Heart-shaped ravioli wrapped Ricotta and Grana Padano cheese in bright red pasta which we kneaded beetroot into. Affinity that sauce which is Milky likes warmly of acidity of cheese and white chocolate & strawberry. Order is possible in one piece of article and is with one drink.

<offer Hours> 14:00 - LO 22:00

Chocolate ravioliRoppongi Hills-limited


Chocolate ravioli
1,944 yen (tax-included)

  • Service charge distinction

Work of art "of" pasta and chocolate

Ravioli which it was pasta which we kneaded the Rose hips into to appear to strawberry soup and wrapped chocolate in. It is dessert of ARATA sense to reconfirm wheat flour and good affinity of chocolate.

<offer period> From Thursday, February 1 to Saturday, March 31
<offer Hours> From 11:00 to 22:00

Strawberry mousse and orange herb tea of downright heart Roppongi Hills-limited

Cafe "THE SUN"

Strawberry mousse and orange herb tea of downright heart
1,500 yen (tax-included)

"Full of strawberries to the inside of" heart

In superb view restaurant of Mori Tower 52F, dessert of heart that red of napaju of strawberry is beautiful comes up. Coolie (essence of strawberry) of among them pink strawberry mousse and strawberry.

<offer Hours> From 11:00 to 22:00

Attach mousse of plain chocolate and sorbet of ice roseRoppongi Hills-limited

Restaurant "THE MOON"

Mousse and ice of plain chocolate
Attach sorbet of rose
Dessert in course of lunch 6,480. yen dinner 10,800 yen and 14,040 yen

  • Only as for the dinner, another service charge

Dessert "that rose makes bloom on" dish

Dessert with surprise to let you attach petal of rose to Cypriot Rose water and sherbet of red fruit and freeze together in front, and to have a heated on the dish. We likened chocolate to soil and finished with ice and mousse which let spice work.

<offer Hours> Lunch 11:30 - LO 14:00/ dinner 18:00 - LO 21:00

Afternoon Tea set ValentineRoppongi Hills-limited


Afternoon Tea set Valentine
4,104 yen (tax-included)

  • With free drink
  • The use two hours system (30 minutes before drink LO)

Limited Afternoon Tea "to enjoy while looking at" superb view

As for much-talked-about Afternoon Tea set strawberry and chocolate in Valentine-limited specifications of the leading role. In brand-new skin, we appear to for a limited number mini-monaka to fill with strawberry jam and strawberry cream by oneself.

<offer Hours> 14:30 - LO 17:00

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