Roppongi Hills St. Valentine's Day 2018

​​Joy to give, pleasure to spend together

Valentine's Day to tell thought of beloved feeling and thanks to important person. Please enjoy special Valentine spending time in Roppongi Hills to special sweets appropriate for "from chocolate gift in" Saint Valentine's Day.

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From Thursday, February 1 to Wednesday, February 14 2018

  • It varies according to each store, each events.

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Roppongi Hills St. Valentine's Day SPECIAL EVENT

"Flower Valentine"
We give "flower of man in two events and support"!

On Valentine's Day of all the countries of the world, it gives from man woman flower, and it is common to exchange love and feeling of thanks. Roppongi Hills approves of "flower Valentine" this year and holds events.

What is flower Valentine?

It is popular music it is common in Valentine's Day, Japan on February 14 to give from woman man chocolate, but to give woman flower from man while man and woman promises love each other in all the countries of the world. Valentine's Day is day to give flower most in the world.

"Flower of sweet bouquet with Aichi only for flower Valentine - you"

You can participate in the making of original bouquet using best flower bowl production center, "flower of Aichi" of Aichi in Japan when you bring receipts more than 3,000 yen (tax-included) after shopping or eating and drinking in Roppongi Hills. Performance group "flower boy project" heaps up by flower arrangement and talk while pianist IZUMI plays in this events live.

  • The holding date and time: Sunday, February 4, 2018 12:00 ... (finished as soon as we reach the first 300 people)
    • Special performance of flower boy project
      12:30 - /15:40 - approximately 30 minutes twice holding.
  • Place: WEST WALK 2F south side colonnade
  • Performer: Flower boy project, IZUMI (composer, pianist singer)
  • The cosponsorship: Country Japan meeting of general flower, Aichi flower innovation area meeting, flower Valentine Aichi executive committee
    • You can choose five for 1 other people.
    • It is limited once and can participate because of one piece of receipt per person (as for the adding up of receipt, impossible).
    • Only receipt on the day is effective. There is store excluding partly.
    • Cinema entrance ticket, cinema shops, art museum, observatory entrance ticket, art museum shops, tv Asahi shop(TV Asahi 1F) are excluded.

Present with "flower Valentine" of flower

We present "flower of Aichi" to customer that dinner of target restaurant was used one.


<target store> ILBrioOBICÀ MOZZARELLA BARGrill Domi KosugiKENZO ESTATE WINERY37 Steakhouse & BarJean-Georges TokyoBarbacoaHills DAL-MATTOMr. Farmer Roppongi / Mori Salvatore Cuomo / ratoriedujoeru robushon / raburiantsua

  • Hours: Each Sunday, February 4, 2018 shop dinnertime
  • The cosponsorship: Country Japan meeting of general flower, Aichi flower innovation area meeting, flower Valentine Aichi executive committee
    • You intend for customer of couple, but please refer to direct store for the details such as distribution conditions basically.
    • This campaign is finished as soon as flower disappears.

Roppongi Hills St. Valentine's Day 2018 events information