Illuminations of Keyakizaka winter

Keyakizaka illuminations that became winter charming sights of Roppongi Hills extend period until Valentine season.

White and blue LED "SNOW & BLUE" (state of last year)
Umber color (amber) and candle-colored LED "CANDLE & AMBER" (image)

Light that is powerful and is warm that "CANDLE & AMBER" with LED that it is urbane and is colored refined glitter and umber color (amber) and candle which white and "SNOW & BLUE" with blue LED shoot has finishes dyeing just what with new color, and Keyakizaka of Roppongi Hills transforms itself into power spot of light.

  • Schedule: From Tuesday, December 26, 2017 to Wednesday, February 14, 2018
  • Hours: From 17:00 to 23:00
    We turn on until 30:00 (6:00, the following day) on Sunday, December 31.
  • Lighting timing: "CANDLE & AMBER" is 20 minutes of lighting / ten minutes an hour ... and 40 minutes ..., and "SNOW & BLUE" turns on in ten minutes of ... and 30 minutes ... for 00 minutes an hour
    Only at 17:00, "CANDLE & AMBER" turns on for "SNOW & BLUE", from 17:05 to 17:10 for from 17:00 to 17:05.
  • Place: Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori
  • Contents: LED (zelkova 65 + outskirts of KEYAKIZAKA) of approximately 1,200,000 lights
  • Writing design: Satoshi Uchihara design office