The Great British Weekend

Weekend "great yellowtail tissue weekend" to enjoy British culture in Japan

It is festival that can enjoy the U.K. in families from child to adult in "great yellowtail tissue weekend". Company and brands on behalf of the U.K. gather and introduce much-talked-about foods and drink to Japanese in latest fashion, music, car, education, finance, trip and U.K. which the U.K. is proud of in Christmas season when illuminations shine.
We aim at settling as events on the new classic weekend that holding of large-scale festival to introduce British culture to is the first attempt in Japan and can enjoy the U.K. in families from child to adult.

In addition, on Rugby World Cup held in Japan in 2019, we perform various events and presentation in "great yellowtail tissue weekends".

Stage Time Schedule

Held Hours has possibility to change without notice.

Friday, December 8 Friday 8th December

  • 16:30: Events - Julia Mascetti & The British School in Tokyo (BST) chorus (Live) for VIP, media
  • 18:00: Opening events - gigabar band (Live)
  • 19:20: Yayoi Daimon (DJ/Live)

Saturday, December 9 Saturday 9th December

  • 11:20: Julia Mascetti (Live)
  • 12:00: Japan Cricket Association demonstration
  • 14:10: Heaven+ (Live)
  • 14:50: Julia Mascetti (Live)
  • 16:15: K n' K (Live)
  • 17:00: Heaven+ (Live)
  • 18:30: The Watanabes (Live)
  • 19:30: gigabar band (Live)

Sunday, December 10 Sunday 10th December

  • 11:00: BST jazz band (Live)
  • 11:20: Performance (Live) of the BST sixth grade
  • 12:30: Abraham Funk Train (Live)
  • 14:00: Tokyo pipe band (Live)
  • 14:30: Japan Cricket Association demonstration
  • 15:10: Abraham Funk Train (Live)
  • 15:50: Julia Mascetti (Live)
  • 16:30: The Watanabes (Live)
  • 17:30: gigabar band (Live)

Held summary

The date

From Friday, December 8, 2017 to 10th Sunday

  • Friday, December 8 from 18:00 to 22:00
  • Saturday, December 9 from 10:00 to 22:00
  • Sunday, December 10 from 10:00 to 18:00
Place Roppongi Hills Arena



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Roppongi Hills

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